Published on October 03, 2021

FireTrack Addon V1

What features does FireTrack have? He has 2 seats, animation, a voluminous trunk, as well as he controls the key-(Saddle) FireTrack Designed for fun and rp games.                

With FireTrack you can party alone or with friends, as well as you can put out fires or just drive). With Firetrack you can become a real firefighter in the block world! As he will help you in this.
In order to control Firetrack you will need to saddle him, then you can ride him. The FireTrack model is quite voluminous which helps him to pass through 3x3 pits. Firetrack is very fast this is because he has a powerful engine! At the moment kraft Firetrack is not yet available, but if you ask us to add it, we will most likely do it!!! Our developer Ferare777 reads all of your comments, but can not answer all of them. If you have any questions or new ideas, send him a message on YouTube.





  • FireTrackBe.mcaddon (80.84 KB)
  • FireTrackRe.mcaddon (242.73 KB)
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I have a addon suggestion. It would be nice if you can ad a police/ & crime scene tape. (In red an yellow varients) Do you think its possible?
Hi, do you mean to make a police car on the same model?
No... This addon suck and the model is trash
Are you a KID??
Thank you for your comment, it's not about childhood, but about creating a model for minecraft, since the game has stories with a game theme of the "children's world". This addon only seems childish, but in fact, in order to create it, you need to have enough knowledge and intelligence. I would be glad if you have your own hand made add-on which, in your opinion, is not childish, send a link, I will see