Fish´s Undead Rising (Bedrock) (Second Beta Phase)

The addon is a java mod that was ported to bedrock with the permission of the original author who is fish0016054, the addon adds a variety of mobs, items and blocks that we will see in each update of the addon.

Author's permission:


Here I will put the link of the original mod, all the credits for it:

original mod





Mycosis: mycosis a hostile mob, its behavior is a bit similar to the zombie, sometimes it can appear with weapons or another item, mycosis has a special ability to give you poison in a radius of 2 blocks so it is dangerous, it has a Bright blue mushroom variant, appears in the swamp and cave biome.

Frigid: The Frigid is a hostile mob that slows down when it hits you so you have to avoid it, if you activate the experimental mode the Frigid will appear with a weapon, it appears in frozen biomes.

Sludge Lord: The sludge lord is a hostile mob that will attack the player and the villager, it has several forms of attack, it is capable of summoning lil'sludge, it appears in the swamp biome.

Lil'Sludge: lil'sludge is a hostile and tame mob, it will only appear if it is summoned by the sludge lord or by the pestilence wand.


Undertaker: The undertaker is a mob that is generated by the world with probability of appearing, it has the ability to summon 4 unburieds which can appear with weapons, it can raid an entire village if there was no golem.

Unburied: The unburied is a mob that only appears if summoned by an Undertaker or the Midnight Morne.



Wand of Pestilence: The wand of pestilence is a staff that summons a lil sludge and is repaired 25% with silky sludge and its elaboration is the following.

Midnight Mourne: It is a melee weapon that deals 6 damage, is repaired for 25% with Undying Heart, and summons 4 unburieds.

Intestine: It is an object dropped by some mobs, if you open it, random objects will come out of it.

Frozen Dagger: A dagger that deals 6 damage and is crafted as follows.

Frozen Thigh: It is a melee weapon that does 8 damage and can be eaten.

Shattered Ice: It is an item that can be eaten and used in crafting

Undying Heart: Dropped by the Sludgelord and Undertaker, it is used in various crafting.

hyphae: It is used in crafting like the one above.

Silky sludge: It is used in crafting like the one above.

Cordy placed and Glow Shroom, dropped by mycosis, can be placed.


More information about mobs and items in:


This addon will only be in mcpedl and mcpecore, if it is found in other pages please report.

Any bug report on our discord server:


ESTEBAN1303YT modeler, Petergamer XD encoder.






Select version for changelog:


Removed the piranha, swarner and ptera.

Added the unburied and undertaker.

Loot added to mobs.

Mob models have been improved.



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Hey man can you recreate Alex's Mobs? By the way the Mummy on Rotten Creatures doesn't attack with beetles when I'm making a mob fight.
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Exelent addon!
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