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Published on September 24, 2020 (Updated on October 03, 2020)

Fish Traps V1.0 (Fish Net Add-On)

No need to sit and spend hours fishing when you could just have a net catch them all for you. If you could agree this Add-On is for you! Read more below

About This Add-On

I have created this Add-On so that everyone wanting automatic fish farms is pleased. I have tried to balance this all out so its not too overpowered. In this Add-On you will get 3 different fish traps. These fish traps will catch anything that a fishing rod can catch and store it in the net. Here are the crafting recipes below!


(1-Raw Cod, 9-Iron Nuggets)

Wood Fish Trap

(4-String, 4-Planks of any choice, 1-Fishing Rod)

The Lowest Tier

Iron Fish Trap

(4-String, 4-Iron Blocks, 1-Fishing Rod)

Medium Tier

Diamond Fish Trap

(4-String, 4-Diamonds, 1-Fishing Rod)

Ultra Tier

The wood trap is the slowest out of all, the iron trap is faster than wood, and the diamond trap is the fastest. You will run out of bait after a while meaning you will need to replace it.

How to Use

To add bait simply interact with the trap while holding the bait. Here is a example!

How to Destroy

To destroy the trap simply Crouch + Hit and it will break the trap. If the trap has any items in it they will drop as well. Here's a example!

Thank You All So Much For Reading And Downloading My Add-On! If You Discover Any Bugs, Etc Feel Free To Contact Me Via Twitter


Select version for changelog:


Updated download link to linkvertise for easier access and better loading.


  1. Click the download Add-On link
  2. Scroll down and select Free Access
  3.  Follow the steps to unlock the download
  4. Click the file you downloaded and it will open Minecraft and Install!

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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5 / 5 (5 votes)
Can you turn them into blocks pls(and by not changing the version to download the mod. If not then that is ok😊)
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Cool mod, it works great in normal Minecraft. Unfortunately, it does not work in the latest Minecraft BETA v1.16.100.58 Win10 gives instant CTD on world generation. No other mods.

I hope you continue to work on this cool mod :).
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This is a great addon but it does not catch fish, it generates fish in the fish catcher after 2 minutes, I put it in my bathtub and there were no fish but still there was fish collected in the fish trap.
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This looks like a good mod. But could you make a direct mediafire link? I hate, even though I click on deny a lot, when I wait, instead of taking me to mediafire, it reloads the page! Please make direct to mediafire link
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Second this. You must allow stupid notification permissions for adfly to even work and then delete said website permissions or cop ad-aware style notifications. Children don't know how to do this.

How much money would the adfly clicks bring in? More than a 'buy me a coffee' button? Really worth the poor ethics being imposed? I personally think not.
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hello seigz,
I’m hermit ,Can I reprint your Fish Traps V1.0 in to mcboxs?it not for commercial use and i willIndicate original author and source!
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bro can make a trap to catch fish and dolphins and turtles with bro traps and catch them
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I’ve been wanting this for a long time, tyy
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