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Published on November 13, 2016 (Updated on November 13, 2016)

Five Heart Survival Add-on

This addon makes survival mode a bit more challenging as your health will be reduced to just 5 hearts instead of 10. Some mobs health have also been reduced to make sure that certain aspects of the game aren't impossible to complete. If you want to take survival mode to an entire new level of difficulty then this addon is a perfect solution for that.

Creator: DiamondKing567, Twitter Account

How does it work?

As soon as you've spawned (and switched to survival mode if you were in creative mode) you will notice that your health bar only includes five hearts. This is the most noticeable feature but there are more.

Here's a full list of things which have been changed:

  • Health reduced to 5 hearts
  • Skeletons have a wooden sword
  • Wither's health reduced by half
  • Ghasts attack range have been reduced
  • Players attack damage has been increased

Watch out for them monsters! Even though their attack damage is still the same you've got to be extra careful as your health has been reduced by half!

If you aren't careful (as I clearly wasn't) then you will likely die.


  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Apply the behavior pack for a world in-game

Click here to download a .ZIP file.

Installation Guides

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Hey so... how did you do this? I’m trying to make a lore world for my Current storyline and need one character to be at 5 hearts, so can you please tell me how to do this so I can just make them on 5 hearts and no one else. Thanks!
so... it's a mod, that reduces your health by half, and with that increases you attack damage and debuffs some of the mobs?
Its so ez to make! and look everyone like it, idk why??
I love this! It makes my survival series a bit harder which makes it a lot more strategic.
Great mod although i think the spawn rates of wither skeletons in the nether should be reduced...i was able to make a bridge to blaze spawner...then a wither randomly spawned behind me and i had torches everywhere. Other than that i think everything is balanced.
When im in survival i have 5 hearts but when i get to creative i still have it?!?
Please help! I have put the add on on my world and when I took it off i still have 5 hearts! I've been on my computer and taken the file off Minecraft and I still have 5 hearts! Plz help????
Same issue here! Any suggestions? Thank's!
dudes, download the pokeaddon, i was poking around its files and saw that the enderdragon was gonna be GIRATINA!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah
If I got this I would die so hard
Good but would you please make a texture pack for 0.17.0??, cuz that makes me happy.
Thank you.
Yah bro it is so great thank you for making this addon
So cool can't wait to download it!!!!!!!☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺????????
Hey editor PLEASE respond to my notchland questions!
I have 67 comments left to moderate. Will get there soon.
Can you make a half heart add-on? I have been looking for one for a video...
I am too mlg for this