Published on December 08, 2020 (Updated on February 14, 2021)

Five Nights At Freddy's Help Wanted - Treblox Beta 6

Welcome to the orginal Freddy Fazbears Pizza Experiance in Minecraft that Fazbear entertainment Remade as a joke made to poke fun at the legend and The Untruth of our Frandcize 

Fazbear entertainment is not responable for missing person, or mind control : )

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-removed fnaf plus link

-removed video

-fied website link

-and changed the name a little bit 


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the floor is supposed to be red and black
Hey this whole thing is copyright, this texture belongs to DanyFox and the restaurant, can you please credit him or I will contact him.
no this texture pack was made by me along with the sound's, nothing was taken from DanyFox at all.
how you gonna copyright him no one here own the rights to FNaF
I realized that in "your" texture. there are arts and drawings that are my own. I will take action
I will accually chane it imminently accually due to me finding majority online i had no clue so i will take action and make sure to get this changed by Tomorrow im sorry for the mix up i will do better next time
hello! i have taken particular intrest in your map and i would like to ask if i may use some of your textures for my map. full credit will be given no matter the circumstance and your map will be linked on the mcpedl page so people may download your map aswell. i will be waiting to add your textures till you respond.
Can u please please please please please please please please please provide the texture used in the map as a download please please I really like the texturr