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Published on October 29, 2015 (Updated on October 29, 2015)

-326097049: Five Villages (Quintuple Village!)

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It gone theres only one sand village
there is a swanp and a mine under the ground
By the way, here is a good seed. Oreos Rule is the seed and there are two zombie dungeons, two villages, and a desert temple. When you spawn, just walk forward and you should see the first village. You have to do some exploring to find the other stuff.
Icestar of thunderclan? February 12, 2017 at 7:32 pm
Wow!This is a epic seed!❤️I love this seed!
This seed first found by me
Please help can't find the link!!
Where is the 3rd Desert Temple?
This is a great seed! I made a mega mansion out of the the whacked houses?
i can't find it and i looked every were and it's not there
also has 2 desert temples!!!
This Is Awsome!!!!!!!!
This is awesome lol
Well time to greif it and make it a THE BEST VILLAGE
Between those two temples, you'll get 4 diamonds, 42 gold ingots, 10 iron ingots and a bunch of bones and rotton flesh.
Following the river on your way to the villages shows you two desert temples. The first is buried, and has diamonds and gold. I havn't explored the second one, yet.