Published on October 01, 2021 (Updated on March 22, 2022)

Fixed Player Animation (Beta 0.1.1 Hot Fix)

version: 0.1.1 Hot Fix | File Uploaded: 01/27/2021

Have you ever been sick of Bedrock Edition's broken animations? This resource pack will fix the player animations! We'll keep trying to fix as many bugs as we can!Note: There may be a few bugs that are not currently present in vanilla. If you find a bug, we'd appreciate it if you'd contact us right away!

I want to be a "friendly" resource pack creator.

List of vanilla bugs fixed as of now:

--- 0.0.0 ---

## Third Person

(The URL of the bug report will be re-stated in a future update. Please wait for a while.)
001: attack animation is cut off in the middle. [MCPE-50236 MCPE-133777]
002: right hand in the attack animation does not affect the direction the player's head is facing. [MCPE-54697]
003: movement of the torso in the attack animation is too small.
004: left hand movement in the attack animation does not match that of the Java Edition.
005: direction of the attack animation arms during swimming is incorrect.
006: direction of the arms in the attack animation while gliding in Elytra is incorrect.
007: attack animation cannot be stopped when the item use animation is played.
008: arms do not swing up and down in the bob animation. [MCPE-133931]
009: left leg does not swing up and down. [MCPE-133931] [Remove this Animation in Next Update - Reason: MCPE-29445 I thought it was console parity.🤔]
010: speed of the right and left hand bob animations are slightly inconsistent with Java Edition. [MCPE-133931]
011: direction of the bow is not slightly tilted when you are holding it.
012: direction of the arm when using the bow is slightly off
013: holding the bow upside down. [MCPE-119701 (Partial match?)]
014: When using a bow while gliding in Elytra, the direction of the arm does not match the direction of the player's head.
015: arm does not swing up and down while charging the crossbow. [Bedrock 1.12.1 Animation]
016: crossbow is floating a bit.
017: direction of the arm while charging the crossbow is slightly off [Based Pilliger Animation].
018: position of the player in flight in Elytra is not set to the center of the torso.
019: There is no delay in turning your head when looking at the camera as there is in Java Edition.
020: The player's head angle limit is now -90 ~ 90, which is greater than the Java Edition (at the moment it is -56 ~ 56, which is probably incorrect).
021: When the direction of the torso changed, the limbs stopped moving.
022: When he took damage, his limbs stopped moving.
023: The animation when eating or drinking a potion is not smooth.
024: Eating or drinking a potion does not affect the direction the player is looking. [I might delete it.]
025: The torso is slightly out of position during the sneak.
026: During the sneak, the position of the head changes according to the direction of the torso.
027: Both feet are slightly out in front of each other during the sneak.
028: Both hands are not slightly forward during the sneak.
029: The center of the player in the swim is not the torso.[MCPE-49620 MCPE-122663]
030: Keep both hands and feet moving during swimming. [MCPE-49621]
031: When you hold the spyglass, if you look more than 45 degrees, the direction of your head will not stop there (otherwise your arm and binoculars will shift a lot) [Will be matched with Java Edition in the future]

## First Person
032: Attack animations are not smooth and do not match the Java Edition. [MCPE-94366] [The next update will improve it considerably.]
033: attack animation for the arms when holding the map with both hands is completely off.
034: When holding the map in one hand, the timing is slightly off when moving forward.
035: Attack animations for Attachable items seem to slide sideways. [Animation of some items will be improved in the next update.]
036: crossbow does not bob up and down while charging it.
037: When you have a crossbow, it's always set to the right, even if you don't have a shield in your off hand. [MCPE-95929]
038: Breathing bob for Attachable items is too slow. [MCPE-143458]
039: Breathing bob for Attachable items is too strong. [MCPE-143458]
040: "change in orientation" has disappeared from the Attachable item breathing bob.
041: breathing bob of the crossbow is no longer shaking left and right.
042: code for the bow animation is a little weird (B: 1000 * 1.3 -> A: 1300). [I honestly don't know why I wrote this here.]
043: swaying animation when using the bow is already strong when you start using it.
044: scale does not extend when using a bow.
045: bow is constantly shaking.
046: The direction of the empty bare hand is not correct and it appears to be low and small in height. [MCPE-47877]
047: Changes in the magnitude of the bob caused by changes in the strength of the walking animation are too slow (e.g., dash animation -> arm position returns very slowly until it stops. The opposite is also slow).[MCPE-59151]
048: The walking animation bobs left and right significantly. [MCPE-128317]
049: Despite the fact that there is a changelog that says the trident has been fixed to match the way it is held in Java Edition, the height is too low and the orientation is slightly off.
050: Sudden shaking immediately after the setup animation when using the trident is finished.

--- 0.1.0 ---

051: Made the crossbow charge animation look like a combination of Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. Looks good, right?!?!?!??!?!?!?//1/
 -> 052 The crossbow will now move to the center of the screen while charging.
 -> 053 The crossbow now bobs up and down while charging.
054: Made the attack animation when holding the shield closer to 1.16.200.
055: Made the attack animations closer to Java Edition from Bedrock Edition 1.12.1; the animations in 1.12.1 look completely broken, which is not appropriate for this resource pack.
056: Fixed an issue where the walking animation of some attachable items was too weak, making them more like other items.
057: Fixed an issue where changes in arm position in walking animations would affect the client-side frame rate.
058: Fixed an issue where the arms would not smoothly return to their original orientation when switching between swimming animations.
059: Bug with bow always shaking [yes].
060: Fixed a slight problem with the orientation of the first-person crossbow. Minor adjustments will be made in the future.
061: The pull animations for bows, tridents, and crossbows have been doubled from 1.17.0.
062: Removed Herobrine's technical animations.
063: Bob animations are now randomly offset.




and more!

Checked Minecraft Version:v1.18.0(Windows 10 x64), v1.18.2(Windows 10 x64 / x84), v1.18.10.28(Android Xperia XZ2)


Based Code/Files - Minecraft(Microsoft, Mojang Studio[ or])
  First Person - v1.17.2
  Third Person - v1.17.2

 Attachabled Items:
  Bow - v1.17.32
  Shield - v1.17.2
  Trident - v1.17.32
  Crossbow - v1.17.2
  Spyglass - v1.17.2

 MoLang Document:
  Bedrock developer wiki:

 Based Code:
  Based First Person Attack Vaule / Java Edition Hand Rot / Pos - Captain Jerome
  Based Spyglass Code -


Please read either the readme_en.txt in the resource pack folder before using it (readme_ja.txt is for Japanese!).


--- NOTICE ---
We have decided to change our main accounts for some social networking sites. Of course, I am Japanese, so I will mainly use Japanese.
(I'm really sorry if you don't like Japanese people...)
And please subscribe to our YouTube channel! It's a great motivator for me! > <

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We are currently working on a new behavior pack, so the pace of FPA(Fixed Player Animation) updates may slow down. However, the new version of FPA is almost complete and we are currently working mainly on bug fixes. We may release a test version of the new version of FPA soon, although it is quite unstable.
If you find any bugs, please let me know via Twitter DM or in the comments on MCPEDL, I'd appreciate it!

最近新しいビヘイビアーパックをメインに作っておりまして、FPA(Fixed Player Animationの略ね!)から「浮気」しかけております(してます;;)。

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--- MCPEDL PAGE 1.0.4 ---
WARNING: Only the MCPEDL page has been updated. The content of the resource pack has not changed, but we will test the new version sometime in the future.
・Updated Twitter LINK.
・Updated Image.
・Added YouTube LINK.


If you want to zip it, replace ".mcpack" in the downloaded file with ".zip"! :)



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I think there's a problem with the crossbow charging animation it doesn't seem to look like Java Edition and Java Aspects could you fix it? please? that would be amazing!
No plans to fix anything other than the vanilla bug... Sorry about that. (But we may s it so that you can switch to animations similar to Java Edition from player_1.17.10.entity.json)
can you pass me your discord I need your help I am co-developer of java combat
I'm not a math whiz, so helping others pack might be a little difficult.
we could talk by discord to talk more about the subject Lonely Alex#0769
Can you please add the Java sleeping animation when you don't have anything in your hands it looks so good please 🙂
I believe the sleep animation in Java Edition was a bug and not an intentionally added animation.
can you fix the attack rotations of attachable items?(bow, crossbow, shield, trident and spyglass) like Java or the old attack rotations of Bedrock:(
Fix while crouching with shield his hand doesn't move when walking, I have no idea if this exists in Java Edition, it's annoying :(
Are you talking about first person view bobbing?
Right click in Java Edition and sneak in Bedrock Edition perform shield blocking.
Sneaking stops the view bobbing animation in both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition, so it is not a bug.
Can you remove the player rotating thing it really bugs when players moves when you're playing a server.
This comment has been removed
This comment has been removed
This comment has been removed
Apparently, the LeftLeg animation was a bug, and was intentionally removed in 1.13.0.
I'll remove it in the next update.
Apparently, the LeftLeg animation was a bug, and was intentionally removed in 1.13.0.
I'll remove it in the next update.

Starting from 1.18.10, there is a big difference between the arm position and the map position when holding the map.
On a 16:9 screen, I was able to solve this by adjusting the arm position, but on a longer screen, or conversely on a shorter screen (which I don't think is available right now), things get weird.
There may be variables or queries that I just don't know about, but for now I can't fix this problem.
If you are really concerned about it, I suggest you try adjusting the x-coordinates yourself.
This issue was present in the 1.18.10 beta and was confirmed as of Christmas 2021. I probably mentioned it in the changelog and readme. So you don't need to say it in the comments. This is for users who have not tried to download it yet.
My apologies.
Also, I'm probably not going to fix the problem with the orientation of the player's torso in the inventory. I'm sure it will be fixed on the Minecraft side in the near future.
ok dont know if u fix but when turn in first, thrid, and second person, sometimes online you see the other player like break there hands, it fixes it self but pls fix its annoying, once fix i will give a five star
I think it's hard to fix completely because it's caused by a spec on the Minecraft side that stops the script when the entity is hidden and runs when it's shown, but I'm trying to fix it by trying different things!
Bueno usualmente cuando el jugador no esta direciando ni apuntando a un blo bloque (o El. Jugador Mira al cielo) en Java hace animacion de romper y en bedrock no, podria agregarle tambien shading en su cuerpo?
Could you be a little more specific?
I apologize.