Published on October 08, 2019 (Updated on September 19, 2023)

Fixed Vanilla

This Resource Pack fixes some issues in the base game related to textures, models and animations, both default and classic textures are supported, Every fix is listed in the description.

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1.13 - Detached Update

No, you did not miss an update! Fixed Vanilla 1.12 was skipped in order to match MCPEDL’s internal version numbering better. Also, Minecraft just did the same! Well, such “detachment” from the previous sequence (haha, get it?) demands another large update! This time the focus is on item attachables, projectiles in general and much more!


  • Fixed the names of all "Per Bend" banner patterns [MCPE-169579].



  • Fixed scale and rotation of all 2D projectiles [MCPE-66385]:
    • Bottles o' enchanting, eggs, ender pearls, eyes of ender, snowballs, splash and lingering potions are 2x smaller;
    • Fireballs are now smaller than dragon fireballs;
    • Small fireballs are now even smaller;
    • All of these changes match Java Edition, XP orbs and dragon fireballs are already correctly sized.
  • Zombie Villagers once again have biome overlays [MCPE-172377];
  • Added level indicators for Zombie Villagers;
  • Unskilled villagers now use the unskilled villager overlay:
    • This isn't noticeable with the vanilla textures, but any modifications made to the texture will now be reflected in-game;
  • Fixed the speed and range of all baby mobs' legs in their walking animations [MCPE-108385] (suggested by ExDrill).



  • Fixed unused unskilled villager texture using the weaponsmith's clothes;
  • Zombie Villagers' hat layering now matches regular villagers on all professions;
  • Updated spyglass texture [MCPE-122544];
  • Updated trident texture to be symmetrical;
  • Warm frog's mouth texture is now consistent with the other types [MCPE-171722];
  • Fixed diagonal banner patterns being inverted when applied to shields [MCPE-169577];
  • Fixed Illager banner's plain texture [MCPE-43233]:
    • Fix was also applied to banner shields on both classic and default textures;
    • I've debated whether I should include this one or not for a long time. It was one of the earliest fixes I've made, but I just couldn't get it to perfectly match regular banners when picking the colors through a photo editing software. After years of careful consideration, I've come to a realization... It's not possible at all! Minecraft banners are a bunch of tinted textures that compose one thing, and the programming magic that makes it all work for the ingame display will never be matched by a handmade asset. Trust me, I tried, from various techniques to even manually changing each pixel... And even when I got it to be a perfect match, I changed the game to night time and it became ever so slightly off again, meaning it's just not possible to have it match all lighting settings. All that work for something nobody would ever notice if I weren't saying this here! So what I learned is, sometimes I just have to know when to quit. It was good enough from the beginning, but at least now I can rest knowing it is the best version it can possibly be. Unhinged rant over, enjoy the rest of the changelog!



  • 2D projectiles now have a 3D geometry. Yes, I recognize the irony in that statement;
  • 2D projectiles (now 3D!) are now centered;
  • Experience Orbs are now centered [MCPE-110282];
  • Arrow model is now centered;
  • Thrown trident is now slightly less deep when stuck on a surface;
  • Updated trident model to remove the inflated pole;
  • Bows and crossbows are now shaded correctly when held;
  • Fixed position of items held by skeletons and strays;
  • Fixed shepherd villagers and zombie villagers' hat brim being slightly offset.



  • 2D projectiles no longer flash the screen when thrown;
  • Fully fixed positioning of arm and attachable items in skins with custom heights in first person view [MCPE-48870];
  • Made several tweaks to all attachable items (bow, crossbow, trident, shield, spyglass):
    • Tweaked their first person attack and breathing bob animations to be more consistent with other items;
    • Fixed positioning of all attachables in third person view;
    • Tweaked positioning of all attachables in first person view;
    • Attachables placed in the offhand are now displayed correctly;
    • Bow shaking in first person view is now more subtle;
    • Bow, crossbow and trident shaking animations now transition smoothly instead of suddenly popping up;
    • Bow in first person view once again zooms in while charging;
    • Bow and crossbow charging animations in first person view now hide any attachables placed in the offhand;
    • Crossbow in first person view is once again positioned at the center of the screen when loaded [MCPE-95929];
    • Bows and crossbows in the offhand are no longer visually charged with ones held in the main hand;
    • Shield's animations are now symmetrical;
    • Trident is now held straight and centered in third person view;
    • Tweaked trident's first person animations;
    • First person item swap animation is now correctly applied when the player is blocking with a shield;
    • First person view breathing bob animation is no longer applied when the held item is being charged;
  • Fixed a few player animations when gliding right after leaving swim/crawl mode;
  • Adjusted animation for holding a charged bow, crossbow, spyglass or goat horn while sneaking;
  • Adjusted player's blocking animations to match the Java rotations and make them symmetrical;
  • Limited arm rotation range when holding a charged bow to prevent the arms from passing through the body when turning too fast;
  • The player's animations for holding/charging a bow and crossbow now match the animations used by other humanoid mobs;
  • Fixed Pillager's arms not being raised when holding an unloaded crossbow [MCPE-65455];
  • Players, pillagers and piglins' arms are now allowed to fully bob when holding/charging a bow or crossbow;
  • Tweaked the animation for loading a crossbow in first person view again;
  • Tweaked player's first person item swap animation to work better with the left hand;
  • Humanoid arms no longer have a slightly stronger bob when holding a charged bow.



  • Instant Healing and Harming potions now produce the correct particles [MCPE-15425];
  • Spell particles produced by splash potions now have a random variation in brightness;
  • Fixed spell particles not using all frames of animation.



  • Fixed the textures of the arrows of Fire Resistance, Slow Falling and Decay [MCPE-172056];
  • Fixed Grass, Fern, Tall Grass and Tall Fern becoming brighter at a distance [MCPE-169834];
  • Fixed Observer's lit texture [MCPE-174452];
  • Sheep texture has been fully updated [MCPE-46125];
  • Removed unused pixels from various entity textures [MCPE-174528]:
    • Armor Stand;
    • Blaze;
    • Cow;
    • All Llamas;
    • Magma Cube;
    • Minecart;
    • Mooshroom (red and brown);
    • Polar Bear;
    • Sheep;
  • Added updated shield banner textures [MCPE-174524] (suggested by @agentms_).



  • Updated pack's minimum engine version to 1.20.0 to carry over the fixed cape rotation query;
  • Removed unmodified legacy zombie villager and vindicator entity files;
  • Reduced all entity files to only include things that the pack changes;
  • Fixed capitalization in some feature list entries;
  • @ThatGreenBlur and GoldenHelmet are now properly linked in the feature list credits;
  • Removed “via DM” from @melamed_tal’s credit in the feature list:
    • Most suggestions I get are from DMs, but this one was the only one that specified that. Super inconsistent. I don’t like inconsistency!
  • Reworded @melamed_tal's credit in ThankYou.txt to be clearer;
    • [NEW TEXT] @melamed_tal, for pointing out some forgotten features and rekindling the flame that eventually brought back Fixed Vanilla after its year long hiatus!
  • [BLOCKS] Fixed cherry signs using incorrect breaking particles when the pack is turned on;
  • [ENTITIES] Fixed XP orbs being invisible when the pack is turned on;
  • [ENTITIES] Fixed small, large and dragon fireballs being too small and having buggy shading when the pack is turned on;
  • [MODELS] Removed unused character models from the pack:
    • Those were just failed experiments that somehow slipped into the release;
  • [ANIMATIONS] Added a note to the sneaking animation's feature list entry regarding a game bug that affects it:
    • NOTE: The game currently has a bug that breaks a few player animations while wearing a cape on a classic skin in some mobile platforms. The fixes made to the sneaking animation in this pack expose it to the same issue. Unfortunately, that is not something I can fix, so we'll have to wait for Mojang Studios to make a move on this one [MCPE-126660];
  • [ANIMATIONS] Separated swimming and crawling into two animations to match the vanilla implementation;
  • [ANIMATIONS] Drowned once again raises its right arm when attacking with a trident;
  • [ANIMATIONS] Removed obsolete fix for the crawling animation incorrectly playing while gliding [MCPE-170889];
  • [ANIMATIONS] Removed unchanged holding animation from the pack;
  • [ANIMATIONS] The feature list entry "Removed player's duplicate first person arm bobbing [MCPE-128317]" has been updated:
    • This was done because it's already listed under the player's first person animations, so saying "player" again is unnecessary;
    • [NEW TEXT] Removed duplicate first person arm bobbing [MCPE-128317];
  • [ANIMATIONS] Simplified player's attack animation math;
  • [ANIMATIONS] Added support for the player's left arm on some first person animations:
    • These changes are not visible in-game, but they have huge technical implications within the pack;
    • Partially added with the future in mind, hopefully this will still work when Minecraft adds full left hand functionality;
  • [DEFAULT TEXTURES ONLY] Removed obsolete fix for the lapis lazuli icon in the enchantment table;
  • [CLASSIC TEXTURES ONLY] Moved changes to the Vex and the Zombified Piglin out of the general fixes and into the subpack.




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Eyy! Fixed Vanilla is back from its year long break! This should hopefully bring the pack up to date, please comment if there are any issues that only occur with the pack enabled. Also feel free to suggest new fixes that could possibly be put in: textures, models, animations...
Can you please fix the spyglass holding animation it only works on normal arm not on slim arm please fix it I appreciated this pack so please fix please 🙏
JervieA (Momoleaon) March 07, 2024 at 11:14 pm
Another suggestions talking about the vault off front and some of less consistent block textures, Can be doing to planning for fix it as well
The shield is bugged HEAVILY , pls fix it . Please .
‎Can you please add the fix for xp bar's texture and asymmetry bugs? As a suggestion, I like the Bedrock's empty bar texture combined with the Java's filled bar texture. I think these two go together very nicely and feels more vanilla. (For reference see the XPbarComparision .jpg on MCPE-19232)
hi LateLag I think you should ask ambient about the firstperson attack rotation emptyhand and firstperson attack rotation attachable items, I think maybe he/she can help you how to fix this
Have you sent this to Microsoft with a bill? Kudos! Kudos! Good work!
i found some bugs in this pack relating to capes

1st. when wearing a cape, the hand in the first person perspective goes missing/invisible.

2nd. wearing a cape while sneaking detaches the player's legs and torso.
Are you aware that in this pack, cherry signs are using the wrong particle textures?
Fixed for the next update, thanks for telling me!
You should add the java hand bobbing animation to bedrock if it's possible.
Why isn't there a download link?!
Do you intend to fix the run and jump animation when you run while holding the jump button?
some of them are fixed now
please fix the villager sleeping animation it looks so curse
I'm so sorry for missing this when I released FV 1.10. This will be fixed in the next release, which is already pending. Thank you for your support!
Could you fix the shield bug when you have a cape?
Please fix the wildfire head thing