Published on June 07, 2020 (Updated on June 07, 2020)

Flamethrower Add-on

For those cold winter nights, we have flamethrowers! That should warm us up very nicely. I feel warm just thinking about it. Get your marshmallows ready for toasting! No marshmallows?? Well, we can always roast some monsters!

"Flame on!" Who says that.... The flame guy from the Fantastic Four..? I think so. Flamethrowers also say "Flame on!" But, in their own unique way. I won't be putting these things anywhere near my base. Obvious reasons, they'll burn it to the ground. So, not exactly sure what these things are good for, but gee whiz, they're lots of fun.

Where to get them

Trade with a fletcher. They've been up-skilling, haven't you heard? Fourth-level trade, 50% chance you get a flamethrower, 50% chance you get an enchanted bow. So, 50% chance you get something useful, if not, you'll get a flamethrower. Ha! They cost a bunch of emerald blocks, so, bring your wallet.

How to fix them

I actually have no idea, I'll look it up. Ok, Iron ingots, that is it. Or you can do the sort of cheaty way and just chop them down, pick up the spawn-egg that it drops, and place it back down. You know, I just thought of an interesting experiment that I just have to try. Put one of these in a spawner. Oh man, I think you'll get heaps back. Yikes.

Other things

They have 40 health and they'll target any 'monster' except endermen (intentional) and ghasts (I can't get any of these sorts of mobs to attack ghasts, I have no idea why).

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4.8 / 5 (5 votes)
Add a Flamethrower gun please..
Truly is underrated this addon
Flamethrowers are just Heat Yeet
Can update for 1.16 please
again every mno addon or dex and dad addon are awesome and yeah really awesome good luck and wish you guys the best and yeah also i just finished reviewing this addon! :D
Please do for version 1.16 please
@Creator Reply please
That's so cool !!! Dex and Dex's Dad I like this add-on so much!
Hello, I can translate your hot addon into Russian and Ukrainian. Just write your discord.
why would he want it to be translated to russiand/urakain
Seems to be better when you make machines rather the creatures tbh, how about making more of these? They are awesome!
hello this kind of mods can be used on a realm ?
You make really good mods for bedrock, keep up the good work! (Also, can you make an ultimate mod adding all of your mods into one, because it is quite annoying installing and uploading twenty packs at once)