Flank Shot!

Welcome to Flankshot!Join the epic battle against other player where aim really matter! The first team to land three perfect shots without mistakes win! Discover the secrets between the war of two factions!

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Version 1.1

New Game Settings! 
- 3 Chance Mechanic
- Off option Jump Boost on Emerald
- No early planks on target block option
- (0s/3s/5s/10s) Respawn Timer
NOTE: Game settings found besides red and blue team\Library

-Logs doesn't spawn when died
-Sudden Death will still work after game
-Regeneration doesn't appear

Supported Minecraft versions

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This was awesome! Me and my wife loved it. Wish it was possible for more than 2 players though.
It is still playable for more than 2 players! But it is limited to 2 teams.
Awesome map, how long did it take MCPEDL to verify your world to upload it, i submitted 12 hrs ago and it’s still PENDING
I think it's like 9 hrs or less. It depends on map if it has long gameplay i guess. Good luck with your map thou :3.
Thank you, check it out when it’s uploaded if you like, it’ll be called the enchanted temple
Hello, just to let you know my adventure map has been uploaded now!