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Published on April 01, 2020 (Updated on April 04, 2020)

Flog and Flicker

Today I will be giving you my very first addon! This will add two things to the game, Flogs, and Flickers! Hope you all like it!

Scroll down for more info! 

This picture shown above ^^ is how you craft the Flicker. You need Blaze powder and two sticks, or you try to find the flog and kill it,  with a chance of the Flicker to be dropped. The first picture on top is of the Flog. The Flog is a mix between Flame and Hog, I thought the textures, and the mob would be perfect for this addon! The Flog also shoots little fire balls. And if you run into him, you should probably have a sword with you!. The Flicker came from how a candle flickered and it also goes good with Flog!

The Flicker is a very good item to have when traveling in the nether, or in caves.  It gives you night vision, absorption, and fire resistance. With this addon you should try to find it, it can help you fight mobs.  It is very helpful!

P. S. 

Tell me if this works in other versions besides 1.14,  I am also taking requests on other addons!

P. P. S

Also tell me if there are any bugs and I'll try to fix them! And don't forget to join my discord!

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Fixed the texture of the Flog, it kept glitching out and just showing the regular pig textures



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can u make a tamable flog? plz
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Yes, but I am making a new add-on with weapons soon, so stay tuned, or subscribe!
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can u make a tamable flog?
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Why it doesnt work me???
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What version are you on? It should only work on 1.14.30, but I haven't tested all of the versions, sorry for the inconvenience...
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These are the same models in my addon you copyed me??
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