Published on August 07, 2017 (Updated on December 16, 2018)

Flood Escape: Noah's Lab [Minigame] [Parkour]

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The first level dont work
Fun but HARD over all awesome!
I didn't download this map yet [i will download it later:)], the name or the term of the game is good.. Great map:)))
I love this Flood Escape 2 re-make(kinda) great, excellent work
Actually, Noah's Lab is impossible, because the water is already rised at the second part
when is the new map coming? since windows ten edition hasn't updated in like a month, this is the only flood escape map there really is, and I've mastered noah's lab and factory v2, so im getting board (im in 1.11.4, the other flood escape map needs 1.13.2) ANYWAY, GREAT MAP, but plz make FE2 style levels in the future.
Very well detailed map and heavy scripted command blocks; Though there are a few flaws I found while playing this, like the water rises a bit a too fast and I know its maybe because I suck but im trying my best, another flaw is on the Factory V2 map's second floor near the top doesn't have a platform to get to the green button and the end
it won't let me play it keeps saying a newer version of the game has saved this level
what do I do?
you need to update the game to newest version
if you are ios you need to get the original copy of minecraft pocket edition
if you're using pirate version it won't work
thank you.
The buttons on Noah’s lab don’t do anything.
cooooooooooooool more maps plz I like it and I want map for funny moment
This map doesn't work. I try to push buttons in noah's lab but nothing happens...
That's weird. The buttons do have commands behind them. Did you disable the command blocks on accident?
This is from ROBLOX but for some reason it won’t let me download on Xbox one plz sms me my email is [email protected] plz message for how I can download this map thanks
I just spawn in the middle of no where
When is the new maps coming?
Well it’s unlikely to spawn random areas