Published on October 09, 2021 (Updated on October 08, 2021)

Flying Motorcycle Addon

Have you ever wanted a motorcycle in minecraft? will this add-on adds a new motorcycle, and it's not an ordinary motorcycle cause it can fly to the air making it easier to travel in minecraft

You can obtain the flying motorcycle in a crafting table with items such as iron block and glass as shown below.....

You can use this vehicle for more effecient traveling in the overword, the nether, and end dimension.

to make the vehicle fly you must look up to go up and look down to go down and looking straight to make it stay in that height

If you have suggestions or maybe bugs that need to be fixed, please leave them in the comments and I will consider adding them...

Note: If your are going to share this add-on please use the mcpedl or the Linkvertise link, not the mediafire link or your own link

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created more detailed submission with in game image, to better showcase the addon

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The geometry for this model is very impressive. I make hoverbikes and usually don't like entities that are very smooth and curved, but this one's ok. I did find a minor bug on the animation: the back left engine's rotating blade doesn't move. Also this is just a suggestion: the texture on the bike is a little plain and would like to see a little more detail and texture. Other than that, you are a great addon maker! Keep it up. 👍
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hello thank you for downloading, I'll make sure to fix the animation in the back left engine, thank you for letting me know and l will also try to make better texture
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