Published on November 30, 2017

Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location - Night 1 [Adventure]

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Dashthecupcakeater May 19, 2021 at 10:15 am
The link doesn't work anymore aww manD: i was really hoping to play with this map
Guest-5890836305 May 24, 2020 at 7:29 pm
it no work
Hi Darkpowere202 i'm a huge fan and I watch ur channel a lot. I was wandering if u could make the texture pack available for download. Its the best fnaf recreation i've ever seen and was also wandering if we could make a fnaf 1 map. If u wanna my gamertag is CrazyBashinn.
You can unzip it and take the texture pack out
There is no download button

*Note: If you don't want lag you should sit in front of a cooler.
Whenever i load into Minecraft it says level import started then level Import failed please help Device: iPhone
Is it multiplayer?
What version is it?
I made your maps not scary.

Click the link to the video :)
When I had to exit through the vent behind me, after zapping Baby three times, I went in the vent and nothing happened. Plz help.
This first night was easy but the next one will be prety much scary so i can't wait for it! Grreat job.
There are issues with the narrator (mainly one) when I go to the gallery hub he stops the voice and I have to remember what I have to do, and when I go to the circus gallery and do the job I cannot find the exit as no narrator is telling me where, I keep looking and trying to go in the walls but can't find anything. I even tried going back! Nothing works! And also, if you die (maybe from a command or something) the game won't reset and restart! It's like a you-only-live-once kind of thing! I'm not hating on you but please fix it! And information:

My device: IPad

Update of device: 9.3.5

Kind of device: iOS

Minecraft update: 1.2.15/16

Please help!