Published on June 06, 2017

Five Nights At Freddy's Addon

Installation Guides

This is so cool i know the sign of balloon boy iglobos! Is balloons!
make make make
The Texture pack dosent work
i like this addon but they are absolutely huge
You could make it more realistic and add more animatronics.but I would say it’s awesome
.But pls make a map
You need to make textures on blocks
I Wish We Could Morph Into These FNaF Charcaters. :(
You can with Minecraft DanyFox FNAF 2 mountables. Its better than this addon.
ik zo graag Notch in het echt zien!
Does the puppet have to be an enderman? It keeps teleporting all over the place.
CAN YOU PLEASE add golden Freddy please that would be great
Bonnie should have a missing arm.
Can I get the mod or addon