Published on October 09, 2021 (Updated on May 17, 2022)

Food's Plus

Do you wish that minecraft had more foods? or different food types? Well wish no more! this addon features over 600+ brand new foods, new crops, mobs and farming vehicles. It has everything from baking and breakfast food items to beverages. and best of all, you can craft all of them in survival. 


🍎 Food's Plus 🍎

This addon adds over 600+ new foods into the game, And best of all, all of the foods are craft able in survival. This addon is perfect for roleplaying, cities, and of course, survival.

Here's just some of the things the mod includes!

  • 600+ foods, featuring a wide variety of dishes from around the world
  • 10+ new mobs, including aquatic and other wildlife
  • 20+ new crops, including fruit trees
  • 30+ place able foods, both block and entity based.
  • Many decoration blocks, such as food crates
  • Kitchen and cooking themed furniture such as tables, countertops and more
  • Working fryers, stoves, pans
  • Storage blocks like fridges, cabinets, freezers, etc
  • and...more!



This addon also adds in tons of new mobs to the game! they can be found roaming in in different biomes. if they are killed, they will drop food

turkeys, hogs, ferrets, raccoons and the various birds can be found roaming accross different biomes but they are mostly found in plains and jungles

some of these creatures can also be tamed and will follow you around once you tame them

🐠Aquatic life🐠

Many different types of fish can be found in the oceans and rivers! this addon comes with 4 different types of fish

Different fish types

🐠 Lion fish, Catfish, Tuna - These creatures are friendly towards the player and can be killed for food.

🦈 Sharks- These creatures are not to be messed with, they will hunt just about anything in their path, including players. however, like all things in life. sharks have a weakness, they are very fearful of the undead and wolves, if they are near them they will try to swim away.


🌾Farming and Agriculture🌾

Foods Plus Adds in tons of crops and other farming themed things! click a spoiler below to learn more!



This addon also adds in 22 crops! the seeds can be found by looking in villages, dungeons or fishing.

some crops require special blocks to grow on, for example rice can only grow on dirt or rice pattys and Fruit trees can be easily grown on the ground


Fruit trees are planted using seeds! they will grow fruit and can be harvested.

🚜Farming Vehicles🚜

Farming vehicles are a great tool for farming crops! they can harvest crops. similarly to crop seeds, they can be found by fishing, looking in villages or in dungeons. you can also find them by looking in the spawn eggs section in the creative menu

🌿Tractors are the most common to find and they can harvest all crops

🌾Harvesters although they are harder to find, harvesters are a better and faster version of the tractor, similarly to the tractor, the can also harvest all crops.

🌻Mowers are quite common and can only be used to cut grass and certain kinds of flowers

☕️Functional blocks☕️

This addon also comes with three functional blocks, currently you can only get them in creative. they can also be rotated

Each block drops a certain food item once hit, for example the coffee machine gives you coffee, the toaster gives you toast, etc.

🥧Place able food!🥧

Place able foods,  can only be obtained in creative. you can find them in the creative menu, they can be used as neat decorations

🏎️Planes and cars🏎️

Fly around in the crop duster, or take a nice ride on the bike! this addon also comes with food carts to! theres also 7 different color's for each car, these neat cars, can be found in the spawn eggs section in the creative menu. oh, and they can also be used for storage to!

🍳Kitchen furniture and more🍳

This addon comes with a ton of kitchen themed furniture! click on a spoiler below to find out more.

Entity based placeable Foods

To get them, just simply go to the spawn eggs section in your creative inventory!


As of v1.20 you can now produce items with these blocks!

Butter churn

The butter churn needs 2 buckets of milk, once you fill it up simply click the machine, and it will produce butter!

to get one do /give @s dpfoodsplus:butterchurn

Wine barrel

Simply put 1 purple grapes in the machine and it will produce some wine, which is an essential ingredient for the luxury foods

to get one do /give @s dpfoodsplus:wine_barrel

Chesse maker

just throw in some milk and this guy will make chesse

to get one do /give @s chessemaker

Cutting Boards

cutting boards are a neat addition to the addon! they allow you to place foods on them and well, cut them.

Pumpkins, melons, bread, cantalope, pineapple, cooked chicken, raw chicken, raw turkey, raw porkchop, raw beef, mutton, salmon, and potatoes can go on the cutting board! you have to use a kitchen knife to cut them.

Fryer's and stoves

fryers require a frying pan to be used! to get one simply type /give @s dpfoodsplus:fryerpan. to get one! currently only potatos, and raw chicken can be fried in them.

tea kettles and frying pans can be placed on the stove! put peanuts in a tea kettle for it to work, and pans can only cook raw bacon and raw turkey bacon currently.


you can store tons of things in the fridge, kitchen counters, cabinets , freezers, and cabinets!

Food Crates


Foods crates make neat decorations! they can be easily crafted with just 1 plank and some fruit! they can also be found in the "slabs" category in the creative menu.


This mod requires "Holiday creator features and Creation of custom biomes"

🍳 Foods can be crafted in survival! 🍳

All of the foods featured in this addon can be crafted in survival. You can find the various crafting recipes in the survival crafting menu. Some foods require Cooking, baking, brewing, or roasting.

Alternatively, you can also spawn them in using commands and by getting them in your creative inventory.


🍍 Different food types 🍍

This addon features a variety of different food types. some foods will need to be baked, cooked or brewed and will give you extra saturation.

Some Foods that can found in this addon

  • Baking 🥧
  • Sweets/Candy's 🍭
  • Breakfast foods 🍳
  • American Foods 🍔
  • Beverages 🍹
  • Asian foods 🍣
  • and... more! 🥫



❓Frequently asked Questions❓

Can i use this for my maps/projects?

Of course! You can use this addon for whatever you like, just be sure to give credit.

Will new foods be added?

Yes, I plan on adding new food types, ingredients, recipes and possibly adding up to 1,000 different foods.

I cant find the new foods?

If you cant find the new foods included with the update, be sure to download the latest version of the mod, you can find a list of the versions in the download section. If you still have issues getting the addon to work be sure to join our discord, the link can be found bellow.


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this addon was uploaded exclusively to mcpedl! Any other websites that distribute this addon without my approval are false and are an act of plagiarizing.

Please do not modify, steal, or copy this addons code and textures! if you want to modify this addon in any way, please only do it for personal use.


Select version for changelog:


Version 1.21 is out now and it adds some bug fixes as well as new additions to the addon.

-fixed ferret spawning

-added food crates

-Completely reworked crops

-added better fruit trees

-and... more!


once downloaded the addon should port directly to the game

the newsiest version of this addon is named "dpFoodsPlusv1.20.mcaddon"

If you are using education edition and this mod dosent work, feel free to download the "Education edition" version of this mod, please note that the education edition version only adds in the foods and not any of the crops, vehicles or blocks.

Expansion pack

The expansion pack can be found exclusively on our discord! keep in mind that this is optional, and dosent require it to use the main addon. this pack just adds in extra foods

How to download with linkvertise

if you choose to go with the linkvertise link, it will take you to linkvertise, from here you need to scroll down a little and click "Free access with ads", after that click discover interesting articles and wait 5 seconds to close out of the window, after that you will see a green check mark click on where it says continue to website where you will then have access to mediafire, once you are in mediafire click the blue button on the right to get your file.

How to download with mcpedl

Simply click the downloads, wait about a couple minutes and it should be done!


Supported Minecraft versions

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Pinned comment
Might I just say that this just might be the best addon I have ever downloaded. Not only does it work on normal bedrock but it also works on education edition. WHO MODS FOR EDUCATION EDITION??? anyways good job on the mod. very much enjoyed.
Player.json or geofix?
beeboi10101010101 May 18, 2022 at 8:50 pm
make it so you can have food jars to store food items in! like cookies mmmmmm
thank you for the idea :D, ill see if I can add this in the next update
Some crops still appears like "Update" blocks :(
looks good, thank you for fixing that crop bug
The crops look like crops from the farm life Addon on the market place of bedrock, like the butternut squash and banana tree. But I won’t complain because now I can use this Addon to put it any other world instead of a map :)
I LOVE this addon, but I think it needs to get updated. I get these weird floating blocks that say update on it. Please make it for 1.18🥲
thank you :), we fixed the broken crops issue last update, as for the update blocks, we're currently, trying to find a work around for it, so we dont have to use geofixer packs.
THIS IS THE BEST MOD EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR it works for everrrrrryyyyyyyyytttttthhhhhhhhhiiinnnngggggg and btw bedrock one works for education edition just saying BEST ❤❤❤❤💖💖💕💕
Hola ! Quisiera saber donde puedo encontrar las actualizaciones anteriores ya que es mi favorito y no lo he podido descargar algunas ,es el mejor respecto a los alimentos. Felicitaciones por el addon
Har har Har Har Har Har Har lol April 13, 2022 at 12:49 am
Can this also be used without experimental mode
the items should work without it, but all the crops, blocks, mobs, etc require experimental mode to be enabled
Holy moly, this actually worked in my phone, I thought it would crash my stuff but it doesnt!
LOVELY AND IT WORK FOR EDU MY SISTER WNTED IT AND IT WORKED THANK YOU SO MUCH. But i have a suggestion can you add mint icecream plz?
Your addon is nice. I can play RP with this addon with my friend. Oh! and, my friend ask me to tell you to add Laksa. I tell him that I will tell you. If you no agree it ok because, overrall of your addon is mind blowing.

Before I forget, have a nice day! See ya.

( Of course! I am bad at english even I got A on English test)
having issue where the regular grapes arent rendering. and green grapes are just "update"