Published on June 01, 2018 (Updated on March 05, 2019)

Ford Mustang GT 2015 Addon Update

This addon adds to the Ford Mustang GT a muscle car that reaches a maximum speed of 160mph is a high power car can now be obtained in minecraft bedrock

Creators:Fernan and Team Infinite Minds 



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It does not replace entities

it works for version 1.9 and 1.8


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Why i can't download this mod it went me to and it travels me to shortpe that said "404 not found /ford mustang is not found on this server" pls fix it and i will give it a 5 star rating i wanna download this mod real quick because i wanna see the model of this mod
The mobs are invisible.

I am using Experimental Gameplay, so don't ask me to enable it.
Ive run into a problem with this addon. Although it is small and only adds the amazing feature of a car into the game, it still crashes some players with devices 1-2 years old. Please fix that, its a bit annoying and hard to deal with, and it shouldn't be a problem with such a small but awesome featured addon.
This addon works amazingly, although in my opinion the cars a bit too fast and a bit oversized, but otherwise it runs incredibly smoothly and I love it! I hope you can add more seats to it, it’d be hilarious!
Please make a add-on car replace by car
I can't sit into the car!
i cant find a key, where is it. i play windows 10
The Jord GT. No. I didn’t spell that wrong. Look it up.
umm, it doesn't work I me how does it download?
why cant you replace it with a horse, it would be a lot easier to control the vehicle.
I WILL give a 5 star
Great addon! Fernancraft,can you make a ford gt for your next addon,illbe thankful
Oh, you're one of those "We make the vehicle behave like a pig" guys.