Published on June 19, 2020 (Updated on June 19, 2020)

Ford Shelby GT500 Eleanor (Remastered)

Re-introducing the GT500 Eleanor! If you've been following me since a month ago, you'll know that I've made this before. But back then, I didn't really know how to animate and add sound effects (not to mention it not being compatible on low end devices). So here we are, with a remastered edition! This version is an updated and more detailed model of the GT500 that now has animations and sounds. Also made it compatible on low end.

Car details

Like the old model, it has 4 seats and container slot. Now updated with animation and sounds! (Probably said that too many times now).

Car colors

There are 6 colors:



White and blue stripes

"Lemon Drop"



Extra images (For reference)

Front view

Side view

Back view


How to obtain

Method 1: Get their spawn eggs from the Creative Inventory.

Method 2: By using /summon commands:

/summon ser:gt500_red

/summon ser:gt500_blue

/summon ser:gt500_whiteblue

/summon ser:gt500_lemon

/summon ser:gt500_gray

/summon ser:gt500_black


Instagram account: @ashminggudev

Twitter account; @ashminggu

Email account: [email protected]


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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Any chance you could add a black w/ purple strip version of this car? I own one with those colours irl, and would really love to have it in-game!
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can u make them both a mediafire link cas i cant get the second one
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May I have a craftable version of this addon? I leave your credits
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I have an idea for a jdm a 1998 Subaru Impreza 22b make it have 2 colors normal (blue) and rally version! Thanks!
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That were being device
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Corvette c6 device were crashing game?! Only use laptop after need run and install were and click Open in and find Copy to Minecraft and spawn all cars for laptop
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Hey You make Mercedes Benz C 180 w203 was a Ford Shelby GT500
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Laptop & Mac allow this Game Minecraft all download Addon Hummer,bmw,Mustang,Mitsubishi,Ford Eleanor,TOYOTA,Mazda,Golf car,Mr bean Car, and Nissan?
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What happen Phone & Android are crashing game?! I need use Test Laptop Being Uncrash
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its maybe caused because of your device. I've tested all my addons on my phone and it hasn't crashed once. Try reinstalling minecraft or clearing its cache
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No it not ashminggu it is Device were crashing game it let me spawn Mitsubishi 3 times spawn and crash game
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Thank you.Please always put direct links to media fire,I hate waiting for 20 seconds on the adfly link.
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Awesome,it's really cool but could you add some animations like the headlights turning on and the speed o meter working.
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I dont really see a way to make the headlights turn on, I could, but it wouldn't look good. As for speed o meter, I can try to work it out (:
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His not a list,all his add-ons work and this one is cool.Maybe something is wrong with your device.
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I'm sorry dude, I tried explaining gently but either it didn't work, or you didn't listen. Like I've said before, it may be caused due to your device, I've tested it on my device and it works fine. :/
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could you make a corvette c6 z06 btw?
(by make i mean add it to your schedule cuz your already busy enough)
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C6 is actually my fav american sports car! I'll try and make and add it to the schedule (:
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now thats true effort and dedication right there
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