Four Elements Parkour

Do you love parkour or even just Minecraft? If so this exciting, interesting, quality parkour map, made by Endercraft Studios is perfect for you! 4 Complete Parkour levels and a custom skin pack coming soon! Map made by Endercraft Studios.

Map made exclusively by Endercraft Studios

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Fixed major issue concerning starting the map, we apologize for this major flaw, but it’s now fixed.


Click on the download button and proceed to open the file in Minecraft.

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2.86 / 5 (7 votes)
Could make a better one in about 20 minutes
All four level's buttons are disconnected. ALL four, including the first level. The game uses torches to tell players which way they should go, which makes the player super confused, because the map is a mess! The building is great, but the game is LITERALLY unplayable.
did u copy this from my youtube video? it looks cool! ??
So for all people looking to download this map you need to change the master setrings to allow cheats because you have to go into creative to add another peice of redstone powder behind the button to enable the level select but besides that it's fun.
I haven't downloaded, but I'm sure it's better than a piece of dirt.
Im an admin for his server and this is good! YOU BETTER GET IT ?
So i don't know if my game is broken but the level select didn't work when i pressed the button. I don't know if its that im playing on Windows 10 and not mobile, but the level select was not working.
You need to break the buttons and blocks they're on by enabling cheats beacause there's a peice of redstone missing on all 4 before the button so the command block isn't able to activate