Published on October 11, 2016 (Updated on October 11, 2016)

1606599678: Four Villages Near Spawn

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Guys I know seed called ZooVsYet you spawn right in a village there isn’t an blacksmiths but down the sea there is a stone house with 2 chests!
Steve fine village seed: Steve
There's also a village down past where spawn is, I believe. I don't have much information on what's there, but I've built grass paths to all of them from the Z/N villages right by spawn so I can find them easily when I switch to survival.
Can u make some exciting seeds like IRON CITY I try it and found myself a near village near spawn and I just found a another village in the desert I found a savannah village and a desert village which contains a diamond horse armor
I also found an ocean monument by the village on the far left (not really it's a bit of a travel)
Uncle bob's burgers November 09, 2016 at 8:01 pm
It'z Litttttt?!
amazing one of the first legit zombie villages i've found
Heres another good zombie village seed (works with 15.0-16.0)
Once you spawn (should be on a tree dig down and turn right walk into plains and keep walking (straight). After a little while you should see a zombie village and regular village with some cool looking buildings (one is cut off because of a farm and the farm is in a dirt shelf makes it look cool)
Hey, guys! I've found a new seed: minecon 2016.

This seed has a very strategic village near you, the savannah biome behind you, the big ocean on your right, and an interesting fact about this village: the blacksmith is forced down on the small river! It also has some good loot at the blacksmith chest, and also it's a great seed to start your own adventure!

I also took screenshots of this seed, and someday I'll submit them on this website. Thanks, Editor! Hope you notice this!