Published on September 01, 2016

1831368756: Four Villages Near Spawn

Seed ID

this seed is amazing
Couldn't find the cluster of villages but I DID find a taiga village with blacksmith contained iron sword.
Taiga blacksmiths have 2 grindstones next to the door.
Lol The Seed Is Boring THIS SEED IS AWSOME WRITE -132419791749
I got 3 diamonds from one of the blacksmiths. And I nearly got lost, but I found the villages. Now just have to connect all 4 of them.
Guyz got ou of the world by teleporting thanks to Alsyafiq I saw a moon and I built house over there when I go back to world I see house in the moon thanks a lot man
Where do you spawn?
So cool I hot an enchanted diamond sword
This is amazing! I am trying to do a villager role play! Thanks!
I wanted thee seed but i couldnt remember it
Hey genius,why not write it in a notebook.
Copy and Paste, problem solved.
Best village seed I'm gonna make a underground sewers to the village so the squid ward villagers can pee and poop in th toilet
And see pennywise
I found some floating islands in this seed, but I don't know where.
So funny if we out of the world noob lol