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Published on April 25, 2014 (Updated on April 25, 2014)


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Love the mod! But can you please make a mediafire link? If you did. Thank you!
Well finally I can know what it feels to have a friend
How to download that addon in android
Cnan U make it mcworld
Well most of the time in minecraft I mostly get lonely
Can they use any weapon like diamond sword???
Thanks this addon is cool because my sister won't play with me anymore
I love friends all the day
How do you download mods for iPad?
First off you need to jailbreak it. But keep in mind, very few mods for iOS exists.
When I try to download this mod it gives me a link to another website please help me editor
That's a website which you will download the mod from. Usually mods and other things are hosted on file hosting websites such as Dropbox, MediaFire and others.
I keep downloading I have a file manager how do I put in mcpelauncher
How to do it just to see her?
because you only have one white character. help me!
with the this friend mod you can spawn lucy with a gold ingot bye tapping on the ground while holding it. you also get to keep the gold ingot after you spawn her, however you cant interact with her in any way other then you would with a cow.
The girlfrind mod is kinda pretty much useless to me, she can get milked and you can even FEED THEM WHEAT............... 0_0
It's a simple mod, yeah. It uses the same model as the cow. :P
How do you download it on android? It just says cannot open file instead of Import Mod PEScript........ :-|
If it's a .zip file you will need to use a file manager app found in Google Play to extract the .zip file to get the mod file .js.