Published on October 29, 2016 (Updated on November 11, 2016)

Friendly Creepers Addon

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also i love happy creepers
hey i would love to make a video on this for the addon page if i can i dont have a youtube channel but i can email the video for you to put upp!!!!!!
Ûpdâtê ît plêâsê
Hey can I make a video on this?
i am so gonna make a friendly creeper world :)
Big smile
congratulations, you just accidentally spelled a word right.
Can you please make a friendly zombie and spider add on please
But if they explode will they die ?
Cool. Can you make when you hit him, he'll turn into sad face and explode
YESS I've been waiting for this the day I got blown up (I get blown up every day) Omg they are happy and everything and when they try to explode they look like a cupcake ???❤️❤️
Oh and mine is not changing coulor
Hello Editor, many thanks for the reply.

I am through with the app, and I hope you don't mind if I should send it to you? I can send both .apk and .ipa file.
Hi Joseph! Feel free to contact me here if you have something you think I would enjoy:
Thank you for this! I hate creepers and this add-on make the game more enjoyable.
oh. and remember me when you make one ;-)