Published on April 19, 2021 (Updated on November 16, 2021)

Frost Valley Biome (Vikings Expansion)

Are you a fan of the snow Biome in Minecraft then this add-on is for you as it brings a new Biome called the Frost Valley to the game. This biome is packed with new mobs, features and adventures. There are even new structures.

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  • Added Vikings.
  • New models for entities.
  • New trade system for Vikings.
  • New armor 
  • Removed white ash.
  • Added new structures
  • Better spawn.
  • Added video for more information.


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Very cool addon but could you update it to version 1.18+?
It doesnt work. it says its not a valid ZIP archive.
this add-on is very good Keep developing !
it looks really good, just wanted to know if it works for version 1.17.30?
its dont work on mc win 10 1.16.221
Very cool good job I like your add-ons.
Sorry can you modify this mod for personal benefit?
I promise you that I will not published it anywhere
Idk what happened but it did not work
Amazing work this is a quality addon
I have a few suggestions: make it so the foxlins can barta like piglins but instead
Of gold frinzynite
Make frizynite have the same or Similar texture to netherite and make it so you find frizynite shads when u mine the ore 4 shards makes a fernzynite ingot or somin
some textures do not convince me but otherwise it is very good
I give an A but maybe retexture some weapons coz I know the starvation blade's texture is from Addons Maker Mobile.