Published on April 22, 2018 (Updated on April 22, 2018)

FS Treasure Hunt [Minigame]

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i cant download it everytime i wanna download it will send me to download some app that i dont wanna download
⭐️Duckyfan8202⭐️ June 02, 2021 at 1:22 pm
pls fix the link creater i cant download it are you inactive?
update the link
This seems really cool especially the fact that I play this game in roblox all the time but, everytime I try to load this map, it crashes Minecraft and closes the whole program.. Is the resource pack required?
What mcpe version is this map use. My version was 1.5.0 and it bugged i can see trought thing and the texture errored
i loe this game and i play ths on roblox! i have jack hammer lol ahahah cool game
Y can’t I cheat to see how far i get?
Good map, can you make lumber tycoon? Hehe
Someone needs to make a SoT creation in minecraft
Um hey can u low the MB OF THIS MAP plz can u make a map more than 1MB
Nice make more ROBLOX stuff please make Pokémon brick bronze because it was ban and I miss playing it!
This is awesome!Keep up the good work!