Find The Button (Halloween Update) [Minigame]

This minigame is suitable for both single player and multiplayer use (preferably max 4 players) and it takes roughly 10-15 minutes to complete (depending on the amount of users playing it). There are several different levels and in each one the objective is to search and find a button. Once found, simply press the button to move on to the next level. All buttons have been very well hidden to (hopefully) make it a great challenge to find them. Creator: Team Infinite Minds, Twitter Account Updated: 1 November, 2018 (read changelog)



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    Where is the button in the hockey rink
    can you please help me? where is he button in the snow castle? im stuck on this level ;;;
    where is the button in the snow castle one? ive been looking for forever!
    This is stupid I can’t even find it and hint book is Spanish or something awful map
    Where is the button in the black level?
    Why is it in another language I can't even read the hint book
    ! I love find the button minigames but you are stealing the Minigame. Please don't make the real owner of the minigame sad because you steal it
    Hi, I'm Francisco, you can not say that we've stolen it since it's my maps, only when I joined Infinite Minds I asked for permission to post the map with the name of Team Infinite Minds
    After the stone level when I got blindess it won't wear off I tried to do /effect @p clear but it said that I have no effects on me I even tried to drink milk or go in creating and turn off the resource pack of the map but nothing work great map though
    If you do /kill you will spawn in level
    It is a room made of black concrete. So if you place torches everywhere you can tell.