Published on April 28, 2020 (Updated on January 08, 2021)

Ftere's Non Geometry Map


This is my first map please don't judge me. I play on mcpe and it works. I have used the warped buttons and signs.

It is created with command blocks, ask me if you want a tutorial.

I created a little room full of strange things. Will you discover them all?


It works fine for me in 1.16.100, but it should work on older versions too...

Write in comments what I should add.

In my version addons that adds blocks doesn't work and the map Is totally functional without any resource pack.

In the map you will try to escape from a strange laboratory where you are imprisoned, good luck!

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Added more levels to the map and totally removed anything that could make you think that this as some logic sense.



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Hey! I really liked the map but i dont understand how to get pass through the lever password thing can you plz tell me? Thx
the map so amazing
Hey I Wonder I You Could Help Me With A Project I Minecraft Bedrock It’s Call “The Infinity train” I Need Some Help With Commands. Anyway I Really Enjoyed Your Map Can’t Wait For You Two To Make The Next Best Thing.
Sure, if you have discord we can talk
If not... send me your minecraft username
If you have discord you could have spoilers for the future of the map...
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My version is
Go on play store, activate the beta program and update Minecraft.
Uhhhhhhh, for me, I guess you need people I guess who is good at redstone to improve your gameplay. Do you know anyone? And also another helper at building and commands to also help improve your gameplay. That's it.
Lol. You literally said that I should pass the map to two other peoples.
I need help from anyone that has uploaded maps on mcpedl
You should add a description so long as mine and use a proper capitalization.
The problem is the map I cant make it a mcworld thing
Guest-3502271392 May 03, 2020 at 9:39 am
enter the files of the world and compress them in .zip and rename in .mcworld. If you are from phone use an app, for esample fx file explorer.
(I am the creator on another account)
this map is so much fun and so dizzy?. can you change quartz blocks to different types to make it more attractive?
Thanks for feedback, I will add the names of the First dove people commenting as easter egg