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Published on August 16, 2015 (Updated on August 16, 2015)

ftffd: Desert Triple Village

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OK, some more exploration of this seed.

1st Desert Temple ( near triple village ) 2121, 69, 284

2nd Desert Temple: 1068, 70, 76

Mineshaft: -256, 12, 2049 Beware there are 3 spider nests close to the spawnpoint, be ready to fight or play on peaceful!
There is no mineshaft bellow spawn when using this seed on 1.2.6 . There is a desert temple not far beyond the triple village with some interesting stuff like gunpowder and bones and a few other things.
Most Bizzare mashup of buildings! It still works on 1.2.6. Couldn't find the village at first so used the locate command. The coordinates for the village are 2072 128 120 if you can't find it ( is actually not that far from spawnpoint ) There is one super building formed out of 5 or 6 overlapping structures. With a bit of work can be made into a small mansion.
A cool seed is 818010429
it is very weird how the blacksmith is on top of a library and a house near it looks really cool and a farm has a 1-8 house in front of it
Really cool :) I tried to make the blob of houses in the middle look normal...and failed...
Update on the seed. in 0.12.1 the village spawns with an extra cave nearby, the chest now contains, 5 gold ingots, 2 iron ingots, 1 iron boots, and 6 inc sacs
Also, since the villages are now considered one due to the new villagers' AI the village is completely filled with breeding villagers! also, found these other two villages. The coords and chest loots are below...

First village chest: 2 pants one sword 2 apples 24 inc sacs. other village at x 864 y 70 z 210. Second other village at x 430 y 67 z -211 Chest: 4 bread 5 apples 12 inc sacs 3 gold ingots and one saddle.
Can you please try to edit this post, the seed has more to offer as i stated above in the comments and I really think that it's more well deserving of that honor
I've added a link to your comments in the post. :)
Wow this is a great sees I love the village it's soo cool!!?
Come on guys, you barely gave my seed a description! You forgot about the messed up mineshaft under the spawn, dungeon inside the mineshaft, and other villages. You guys can find more villages if you travel to the right side own your spawnpoint and follow the border between the savanna and forest/plains. Just keep heading that way for two blacksmith villages with emerald, more iron stuff, a saddle, and I believe diamonds under one of the wells.
I didn't find anything (YET) but if you dig down close to spawn you find coal and redstone (yes I know those aren't so great but still)
To be honest I found this seed on Youtube somewhere and in that video this was the only things which was demonstrated so that's why I didn't write about it more. I just recently saw that you a few days ago mentioned it in one of your comments and that's why I didn't until today update the post to add credits to you.

I'm sorry, but it's great that you added that to the comments because I know a lot of people are reading the comments for seeds.

Btw, I love seeing your comments. Always some great tips!
I found a one deep pond :)
Thanks for that! And where on youtube did you find this seed? I discovered this all the way back in 0.9.5 and I didn't tell anyone. That makes me wonder... I don't know how that's possible but this is the very first site to use my seed.
I don't remember to be honest. But anyways, we've given you credits for it. :)
You guys forgot about the minshaft under the spawn point with the dungeon, unless something went wrong, for some reason the seed generates differently the second time it's used.
Yeah, It generates very differently the second time, and after that it can look differently.