Fun Minecraft Maze

Alright, so this is my maze that I build in my own free time. It isn't an extremely hard maze, so I think you will actually have fun playing it. Also instead of rules and stuff like that, it just gets straight into the maze.

    Play by your self, or with your friends in this fun, challenging maze. If you spawn somewhere far away just kill yourself by falling into the void. Then you should spawn at the maze entrance. I have noticed that the average person who does my maze completes it in about 5 minutes. 

    It is fun to challenge your friends and try to beat each others time scores. Just know that if you get lost easily or have a fear of tight spaces, then you might not do so well on the time score part.

    Credit goes to me (Nickedkid) for taking the time to build the maze.

    If you liked my maze, please join my discord and tell me what maps I should make next. Discord Link:

    P.S. this is my first map ever, so don't be too hard in the comments.

    -Love, yours truly, Nickedkid.

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To install, just click on the Mediafire link, then click the big green download button on the left center. DO NOT CLICK ON AN AD!

If you happen to encounter a popup, then exit the spam tab quickly.

Also map requires 1.14.60


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5 stars
I hate mcpedl because the editors take 8 years and then they just deny then I did what they want and then they denied and said “Feel free to post this on Minecraft forums”.

I was so frustrated since I tried to submit this on March 1 and I keep on getting denied it’s been 2 months and I am still being denied and other maps are just getting uploaded fast.