Published on October 26, 2018 (Updated on January 04, 2019)

Function File For Command (Sample)

Installation Guides

lololo hacked
Link no work plz give link to download.
Can't download it because Adfly is forcing me to enable notifcations
Just reclick the download everytime and then it will work eventualy (took me 5-10 clicks)
this is the 593th time im clicking it
Guest-2654092290 May 23, 2020 at 6:16 pm
just wait a bit for ad fly and then it turns into a different site
My guy this is the best ever i am a developer my self and ive have been looking for a set of functions to see how their formatted i appreciate it my guy!
Cool this is the best function command ever!!
How do I activate it the mod does not seem to be working for me
Install to game then do /function (replace command with list or details.
Hey, I’m getting ‘you must specify a min_engine_version in the behavior packs manifest.json’.
Any solutions?
It’s probably either your version of Minecraft or a install error I’ll take a look at it to see if I can help
AWESOME! mod. I really looks forward to try this mod/add-on out!
Each time it says: you must specify a min_engine_version in the behavior packs manifest.json. Please fix
How can i specify a min_engine _version?
Same.When I have version of minecraft and try using the function commands it won't work and instead says that you need to specify a min engine in the behavior pack's json to work.But how can you do that?
When I try to import this on iOS version 1.8.0, the import never completes. This is despite the fact that version 1.8.0 is supposed to support functions.
You need to specify a min_engine_version. It’s not working for me until you do that.
how can i specify a min_engine_version?