Published on March 20, 2020 (Updated on March 23, 2020)

Functioners Function Pack

Do you want to joke with your friends and help your friends then this package can help you. With this package there are 30 different function, I hope you like my pack. Let's get into more details.

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Trolls+Helpers+Buildings(NEW) = Functioner Pack


Prison Troll

Lava Floor

Watet Floor

Fire Shield

PvP Arena

Flat Maker

Flat Remover



Corona Virus

and more...


This update "FINAL 1" update and  pack have 3 final update

FINAL 1:This update

FINAL 2:Other update

FINAL 3:End...

and updates finished...

;) Hmmm... i think "FINAL 3" no end ;)

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Troll functions!<3
this is so bad, like bad as hell >:v
Hahahahaga, amazing thanks