Published on October 16, 2021 (Updated on February 19, 2022)

FurniDeco v1.2.0

FurniDeco adds 25 pieces of functional, decorative and unique-looking furniture that fit with the vanilla style. With more than 80 variants in total, FurniDeco gives you endless options to furniture & decorate your builds!


  • 💺 25 Unique pieces of furniture & decorations, up to 80+ variants
  • 🎨 Fully customizable
  • 🎮 Interactive and functional
  • 🍦 Fits with the Minecraft Vanilla feel
  • 🪓 Craft-able in survival mode
  • 🧊 Uses blocks


In-game Shots


Furniture Grades

To keep different kinds of furniture organized, FurniDeco divides them into Furniture Grades, each grade houses furniture of a single theme. Currently the add-on has only one grade, but eventually it'll expand into multiple grades in future updates.

➔ The Rustic Grade

Rustic and country themed furniture with a cozy vintage feel.


Interactivity and Functionality

One of the major goals FurniDeco aims to achieve is creating furniture that's not only decorative, but is also useful!



The Paint Brush lets you conveniently and instantly paint specific parts of a furniture piece.


The Carpentry Table

The Carpentry Table makes it super easy to obtain furniture in survival mode by just crafting it! All you have to do is pop in the materials required and voila, you've got yourself a neat Rustic Sofa!

➔ To view a list of all crafting recipes, click on this link!



FurniDeco is licensed under the Apache License 2.0, you can read more about it here


Made With Bridge.

FurniDeco was made with bridge. an advanced IDE for creating Minecraft Add-ons.




Select version for changelog:



  • Rustic Mounted Goat Horn now play SFX when interacted with (#12)



  • Improved the performance of seat detection (#16)
  • Enhanced book stacking sound effect (#18)
  • Revamped pack icons (#26)



  • Fixed a critical issue where most furniture models were broken in post 1.18.10 (#24)
  • Fixed second stacked book dropping incorrect amount when broken (#19)


Important Note

With the recent 1.18.10 update, custom block models cannot be larger than 1 block. This broke the majority of models in FurniDeco. I will be working on remaking the models for v1.3.0 to accommodate with this change. For now, it's required to install the Geometry Fix module.


Experimental Options

To ensure that FurniDeco fully works in your worlds, turn on the following experimental toggles in your world settings:

  • Holiday Creator Features
  • Upcoming Creator Features
  • Experimental MoLang Features

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Pinned comment
Hey there! So, I'm aware about the issue with models in 1.18.10 and up. I'm still working on fixing the issue and it might take a bit longer to get an update out because many of the furniture models will need to be updated to work in the newer versions

Edit: Update is out!
Its a great addon i love how it looks just like the things in the marketplace
Your websites really easy to use, good job on the addon!
is there anyway that you could make the character creator work with the addon?
Please update for 1.18.30 the geometry fix doesn't work on realms ):
Update found a way to get Geometry-Fix on Xbox. Follow this tutorial to get FTP access to the console. Just go to YouTube and search (NEW How To Get Mods In .mcaddon Format on Minecraft Xbox! Working February 2022! Easy! ) This is also a great way to get all your add-ons onto the console without Realms. Works perfectly. (And yes just an FYI you are still goofed if you're trying to get Realm support. I really doubt Mojang will fix but at least you can use it on the console) Good luck.
Este es para mi el mejor addon de decoración para todo MCPE BEDROCK.Me encanta que la decoración en si no es ni muy moderna ni muy medievan está en un punto neutro que respeta el estilo maicrafting vanilla del propio juego 10/10. No lo he probado en un mundo privado, pero en mi server 1.18.12 tiene varios bugs como la textura de la mesa de carpinteria y de varios muebles en si, sobretodo lo que se pueden cambiar de color. A lo mejor sea la versión y de ser hacer espero que trabajes en mejorarlo y acerlo compatibles con las 1.18.12 y la próxima 1.19
Hi Arexon,can i use your addon, because i will make my own japanese map,can i use it?
For some reason carpentry table aint working dunno why, also like the addon yeah yeah
Hey, so im a content creator myself and are quite new to the scene but a very quick learner . Why does the Geometry Fix addon not have anything in it apart from the pack_icon.png, manifest.json and the text folder with the usual .land and .json file theres no other .json in there that show code for a fix is this supposed to be like this or am i missing something
Geometry Fix uses a marketplace UUID to bypass the geometry limitation.
Oh, so you are one of those who creates the geometry fix for your Marketplace content for the packs, and then you separate it into another pack? I honestly think non-marketplace add-ons deserve to have much less limitations, just like Marketplace content.
This is the best Furniture Addon I have ever gotten,
it has a very nice vanilla feel I would only complain about the dyeing feature, i would like it instead of one infinite use paintbrush maybe use vanilla dyes instead.
This mod doesn't work on realms anymore, so basically my realm is now trash. Having to clean out dirt update blocks now -_-
Hey creator, is your addon work on minecraft 1.18.12? Some your furniture is update blocks some others furnitures work like table,chairs and paint tool and others.Please fix it. Thank you
Arexon several things like the radio, the tables, some chairs and the storage shelf do not appear to me
Hey Arexon for the next furnideco update you can add things like a toaster or kitchen stuff🥺🥺🥺
I love the addon and that it fixes all the furniture's. The one problem that I do not know why I am having is that for some reason when I use it the textures also turn to sonic. I do not have any sonic mods and I am not sure why it is like this but when I put it on it does that for some reason