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Published on April 04, 2017 (Updated on August 15, 2017)

Futuretroplis [Creation]

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Me encanta tu ciudad solo por la apariencia tambien por lo pequeños detalles que ases algunas ciudades no lo traer me encanta porque tu te tomaste el tiempo para cada edificio poner los detalles que lo ase aun mejor te admiro???
Pretty futuristic, but it would be even more if you would add many balconies with trees!
Wow its soo futuristic pls update the map
Wow. Very Cool!
Beautiful but it's really annoying that it's made of packed ice. I'm trying to change it to diamond on an older version but its pointless as there's now an update. The buildings and layout are stunning, though! It's also nice that you can decorate yourself!
Idk wut to say ?
Hey I love the map me and my friends are enjoying playing roleplay it was such a big city!! I loved it pls update it more!! :D
Amazing !
It ended up being the second tho

bon resu piza
Build 6 dealer ships in one world choose your best 6 cars and build them please please please please if you do that I will subscribe and share and like your vids every day
Good dealer ship idea please add a dealer ship 6 of them
This map is a bunch of crap! There's like one floor in each building.
This is amazing!!!
I really hope the map creator would create a city map that is inspired by Tokyo. That would be really cool!
Best futuristic city in mcpedl
Nice city, dude. I made the video about it. Can't waiting for the next version
I like the map design a lot but there being no interior can be good or bad. If you have the time you can make the insides how you want, which would be pretty fun and all, but for some people I can see how it's a bummer.
I like it though, I give it four stars. Can't wait to see more done to this.
Personally I'd give this map 3 Stars because there is no interior, I can't get inspiration or really play with the interior, but if in this August they will maybe update to interior=cool?
Hey editor,maybe you wanna change the copyright down the webpage,it has not been updated since 2014