Published on February 25, 2018 (Updated on February 25, 2018)

Galaxia's DeathRUN [Minigame]

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U are all wrong Roblox was made in 2006 and Minecraft was made in 2012

And Roblox is not a rip off of Minecraft, Roblox is a game where u play with ur friends, Minecraft is basically a survival game.
So basically I have a solution it was not from ROBLOX or Minecraft it was from Gmod...
Bruh Minecraft and roblox are quite different
Well, Roblox was made in 2006, so.. that would mean that minecraft is kind of copying roblox, but not really.
I kind of agree, although ROBLOX is just pretty much a cycle of "this gud gam letz pla it","oof" and "i dont have robux i not cool" and Minecraft is actually good and you can do what you want without currency.
No, roblox is a spin-off of Mc.
This was originally from Roblox right?
nope it was originally from Minecraft
NO roblox is stupid spinoff of Minecraft
Is it possible to strafe like on servers in this mini game?