Published on July 24, 2019 (Updated on August 13, 2019)

Game Polish 1.6.0 [updated 8/12/2019]

**Check installation details for downloading issue fix** Do you want your game to stay vanilla, but you want more? boooy oh boy do I have just the thing for you. Download my pack and enjoy 100+ seperate recipes that do not add any new items, changes to multiple loot pools, and items with increased stack sizes! 

I plan on updating this pack frequently and I do read the comments!

***Requires experimental features***

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fixed the links so the pack will actually work, rather than just show it ingame


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Pieden agregarlo a la 1.14
Anyway to get it to work in xbox realms?
downloaded this a few days ago but i just started using it today. why is there a purple rectangle replacing the stick part of the torches?
can you please add it in 1.12
I know it's a dumb question but do i really have to enable experimental gameplay for this mod?
Is there a way for you to release this mod as a resource/behavior pack so we can use it in 'normal' Minecraft?
This Mod really has a huge potential and i'd really love to add this to my Xbox One World
You can’t have these type of things with out exp gameplay it’s bedrock not java
Do you think you can make it where you can use a blast furnace to make glass.
Crafting recipes aren't working for me.
This is probably my favourite asdon because i love vanilla but there are just some things that make sense ro have in the game.
How will I use the moobs generator with the absence of eggs spawn?
You should make it were you can use any stone to make stone tools.
I can't update to village and pillage, so I can't try this. can you make an addon that is simply the enderdragon dropping elytra?
I did try publishing one like that but it got rejected for being low effort.
You might be able to actually use this pack on 1.11.0, i’m not sure. You might as well try
Maybe you could add something else from this pack that is small, like the other creatures drop their heads as much as wither skeletons because those features are things that to me seem like they should be in the game.
maybe you could do just a few simple things on a smaller addon like the ender dragon elytra, mob heads dropping as much as wither skulls, shulkers dropping two shells? Things that are more vanilla ish? Although i will try this. It looks cool
Or could you tell me how? I really want the ender dragon to drop elytra for my survival world
That is already a feature
Hey dude any chance you could make buckets filled with liquids stack-able?
I actually tried this, but It didn’t work for some reason
The added stackable items only stack when picked up, and dont stack inside of chests.
im done with my suggestions for now but i just want to inform anyone looking at this add on there is THE BEST support i have seen on a add on or mod in years! props to bunshaman for not only making this add on but having such great support!
I've coming looking for this addon to see if there were changes... that's A LOT of changes! Damn this is amazing! Honestly don't even know what you could add next! Outstanding skills! Love it! Good work!
I am running out of ideas lol. Thank you for the kind words
Well, I'm not sure if this is possible, but if you could, it would be nice for you to add some function that allows you to craft something in large quantities by holding on to the certain item that a player is crafting to make crafting less tedious on Bedrock. I don't know the limitations of bedrock addons so I don't know if this is possible or not, but if it is, it would be really convenient!
Having a bit of an issue with this addon and our Realm. So, I download and install, on W10 version. Works fine. I download a copy of our Realm map, again, it works perfectly.

So then I set that map up and replace the Realm with it. Suddenly most, but not all, of the recipes are gone. The stacking changes still work, but not making glass in the blast furnace, for example.

I download a fresh copy and as soon as it’s not on the Realm, It starts working fine again.

Any help would be appreciated. Cheats and experimental are enabled in the Realm.
Im not entirely sure, but I believe that some packs mess up on realms at the moment!
I am having this same issue... The first time I uploaded the realm it seemed to work great, I got a skeleton head and the saddles were stacking. That was a couple of days ago. Yesterday evening I noticed that the saddles weren't stacking anymore nor giving me leather. But everything works fine when I download the realm to Singleplayer. I also tried reuploading it after reinstalling the the pack to no effect... Cheats and experimental are enabled.