Published on June 22, 2018 (Updated on June 22, 2018)

Garuda Boss Add-on (Beta Only)

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As I know, Garuda is a mythological creature is Philippines, right??? Im not so sure about this addon. Cool work!
About the toy car thing you guys were talking about, I am into Jurassic world, and I am NOT A BRAT! I am trying to help iOS users. The point is, do not make the beta only addons before the beta comes.
Hey Raptor. While I do agree Minecraft on IOS devices should be able to get betas, I do not think the Add-on creators should stop making their Add-ons for the beta users. Also, as an IOS user myself, I still enjoy taking apart the add-ons and learning about the beta features and possibilities before they are released anyways. The beta only Add-Ons still have their uses, even if IOS users can't access them until later.
It is nice! Btw, will this be considered copyright? I don't see any credits to you on the page.
Disclaimer: Spanish
try Ibong Adarna next.
Seem literally AMAZING!! I can’t get it though... :/
Me & my friends the Garuda will CONQUER the world!!
Here's ur 5 stars from me!
How do you know about The Garuda?
Garuda is from Hinduism silly
Are you sure? Cuz im ID man!!!
Exderer gamer Indonesian 439 June 23, 2018 at 6:02 am
Garuda are used for Indonesian logo
Garuda Pancasila, lambang negara Indonesia
Uuu, indonesia.
Woww bang addon nya bagus !!
Like this
I cant acces my minecraft couse of the beta
Isn’t Garuda the national theme of indonesia
It is the National theme of Indonesia
No,its the symbol.
The Addon is cool. What is this addon inspired by?
Is awesome