Published on January 04, 2020 (Updated on January 03, 2021)

Generated Desert Structures Addon

This add-on is a remake of a add-on I never released because thousands of structures would spawn around you and I couldn't fix it. In this add-on  there are structures that spawn in the desert like ruins, pyramids, and a tomb. But their might be some gold hidden in the rubble and their definitely is some gold and diamonds hidden in the pyramids and the tomb. : )

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  • Removed 15,000 ,json files
  • Uses .mcstructure files instead
  • Added three structures
  • Removed stuff from description (this is just to stop confusion)


This update is just to mainly make this add-on work for 1,16.200 because it really needed it. I will add chests with lootables in the next update .

This add-on page will be changed to a structure add-on for ALL biomes not just desert ones.  I hope to be able to update this frequently from now on.


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Add-on will be completely remade for next update.
I Love the Structures they give depth to the Desert

PS. What shaders are you using?, I wanna know
I'm working on updating this add-on
no estimated update time
hi ihategravel would you consider making a function pack that generates 1.16 structures on overworld?
Thought this would be an easy import into a survival pack I was making for myself cuz u said ur android could do it untill I opened that features folder and saw 27000 files
The update will be this month, I've been busy with other things but this is the next thing on my list.
NEWS for update
-This addon will be updated when 1.16 comes out.

-Faster import time

-Will include chests and mob spawners.
can you add cities around mountains that are like ancient Rome or Greece
1.16 is out
Great for modded survival. Just lower the generation rate, and add mob spawners inside
Can you tell me how to make a custom structure code function?
I’m wanting to see if I can make naturally generated car, military camps/bases, and small towns for my zombie addon
hey could I please have credit for the feature generator? Not sure if I mentioned it in the original video :P
I totally forgot to do that when I uploaded this, the credit and a link to your channel will be be here ASAP.
Do you think you could basically recreate the lost cities mod?
Yes but It wouldn't be as good as the java mod. I will think about it but I'm pretty busy right now.
Tengo la última versión, pero al importarlo solo me dice que la importación a comenzado y no porta nada. Me encantaría tener este addon por que voy empezando en yt y me gustaría ponerlo en mi serie.
Tengo al rededor de 18 addons y tengo el p30 lite. No se si no es potente *que creo yo que si*
cuando dice que está importando, aléjese y regrese en diez minutos, debe hacerse. Toma un tiempo para los teléfonos.
I would love to use this, but Adfly keeps putting me in a loop. Any chance we can get it without using an adfly link?