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Published on November 07, 2016 (Updated on November 07, 2016)

Genesis [Puzzle]

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It’s cool, but I just finished the parkour near the mainframe and I have no idea what to do. No doors opened, no new buttons. Help? Please
Press the button that says "fixes any spoilt doors" and go back to the door on the opposite end of the corridor leading to IRIS' mainframe and it should open.
Princess Consuela June 03, 2018 at 7:44 pm
At the end I was confused because the pressure plate after you kill IRIS didn’t work, so I just switched gamemodes and floated to the end to read the signs. And I want there to be a reset button so I can see what happens when you don’t kill IRIS.
Great Map! I have played Genesys and Auxillary! I can't wait for Omega to come out! Genesys is a cool map but it gets very complex and there are many bugs that vary. I had to re-establish some of the puzzles. Other than that very, very great Game!

P.S: I love how you reply to the players of the map. Auxillary was a bit easier than Genesys, I much adore it!
How do you get through the first part!?
(Slight spoiler, sorry!)

At the end I really didn't want to 'kill' IRIS, I was fine with staying there for further testing and I was kinda sad the game ended. But it was a lot of fun and really put my brain to work!
Oh yeah mr krabs is a hobo
I went mad from this map
Ok I broke out of that and am now stuck at the red stone lamps light up switches doors level. Help
Princess Consuela June 03, 2018 at 7:46 pm
Look behind the doors
This is Portal, but with a few things changed
Can you update the map so it's compatable with the newest version of MCPE?

I'm doing this again because it's AWESOME!!!!!
Nice! I hope you like Auziliary when it comes out soon!
Matpatcat just asking whether I could make a little story (personal use, of course) about the map? I figured it would be more polite to ask first.
When is Auxiliary coming out? I loved Genesis.
Easy is auxiliary out yet?
Yeah is Auxiliary out yet?
Not yet, but it will be out in a couple of days
you had alot of redstone problems
So, I'm stuck on the redstone light thing, it's like impossible, can anyone give me a hint on what to do?
You get the farterest lights you can get and then walk out the door that appears on the door that says something like 'it's not what it seems'
Try downloading .DownPackSile its more comparable than this Level. ?