Published on July 03, 2022 (Updated on October 05, 2022)

GEO's Harder Addon

Hello Everyone and welcome to the Harder Addon this addon Brings new mobs and new items and will make the game slightly harder Let's get into the addon and explain of what new things that will be in this addon and this addon will get future updates soon now let's explore this addon

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Added New Mobs And New Armor-

Added Extra Content Update-

Retextured Hell Fox And nether Drowner-

Added Mini Boss In Nether Lava Monster-

Added Mini Boss to overworld Englazed Monster-

Added New Boss to End Enderguardian-

New Essence And New Gear NOTE this Gear Is the strongest Gear in game Englazed Chestplate Soul Helmet Ender Leggings Lava Boots You Have to defeat New Mini Bosses to make this armor- 

Added New Monster Mobs to overworld-

Added New Soul mobs for soul Sand Valleys And Mini Boss-

And Added Some Balance Changes-

Fixed a Iusse With Link


Supported Minecraft versions

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If there are any Bugs or problems with the addon let me know
Why did you stole Roblox doors sounds I already hear rush Roblox doors sound effects did you stole them?