Published on November 21, 2021 (Updated on November 20, 2021)

Giant Alex Creepypasta

Have you heard of the new creepypasta. The one who stalks you in the lowest chunks. Yes, I am talking about the giant Alex. She is the lady who will stalk you with her creepy eyes filled with blood. So I thought why not add her in Minecraft. So I did it. I hope you will enjoy.  Note: You are free to use my Add-on in your YouTube videos but please credit me.Please only use the MCPEDL link and don't use any other external links. 

Giant Alex has a lot of features, from making the environment creepy to making your game harder.


Giant Alex appears to be a player in a Alex skin covered with full blood. She is about 10 to 12 blocks tall. She mostly spawns in swamp biome as she is also referred to as "The Gatekeeper of the swamp.


Giant Alex is mostly making the game creepier rather than a threat as a boss. 


When Giant Alex sees you get blindness so you can't reach properly to her. When you go near her she will hit you as if someone is attacking you in the dark but it is her who will do the hitting. 


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Fixed the media fire link.

Few changes in the pages


Turn on these experiments of experimental gameplay, then turn on the behavior and resource pack. It is preferable to not keep any seed or name of your world as it might not work properly. Also create a new world.


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It’s some new creepy pasta
*sigh* I sure miss the old creepy pastas
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ᴵᶻᵘᵏᵘᴹⁱᵈᵒʳⁱʸᵃ November 22, 2021 at 6:33 am
What is this mod I don't understand??
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wait... i though giant alex doesn't hurt the player it only stalk and scare the player
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I’m sitting here playing Minecraft 1.8 sipping on some milk
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