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Published on June 12, 2015 (Updated on June 12, 2015)

Giant Pigs Mod

Have the thoughts of huge pigs in Minecraft sometimes occured to you? We surely have never give the thought much time before but when the mod was introduced to us we couldn't help ourselves! The Giant Pigs Mod lets you summon an enormous pig. The big pig doesn't do anything different from what a normal pig spends its day doing but it's still a fun and unique type of mod to play around with.

Creator: Juan Zavala

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Nether Star (374) - 4 glass blocks + 1 iron ingot
  • Pig Meat Block (243) - 9 raw porkchops

Where's the pig?

The pig needs some help to spawn in the world so the two things you want to craft are a Nether Star and a Pig Meat Block (crafting recipes further up).

Then place the Pig Meat Block somewhere and tap on it with the Nether Star you crafted and look up at the sky. See that? A huge pig approaching earth!

The pig got no eyes, nose or mouth, but besides that it really looks like a pig but much, much bigger.

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Update it for mcpe beta 1.12 and add eyes add and a nose and a mouth now
Ik it doesn’t work on iOS and I’m on iOS I’m just saying something. Why did you make the texture so classic?? It doesn’t fit Minecraft. The texture is just an old classic texture. Just smooth pink......... no stars from me.
Make it on Android!!! Please to all ipad people out there that are missing out on the fun action and hilarious good fun!!! Just please I need it I’m not getting any of the fun stuff that inprove Minecraft PLEASE JUST DO IT I AM JUST A 8/9 YEAR OLD CHILD????
I might put it in my next mag XXX #MINECRAFT
It’s a very good game
A nether star... summoning an oversized pig missing its snout... I don't get it.
It is pretty good, good job it's old but pretty cool?
Wat minecraft de u need is it for android or ios and awt versoin plz help me ^v^
I saw this mod in dan's mod showcase 2years ago
How do you get pig meat block
Craft it with 9 raw porkchops.
The raw porkchop block doesnt work. I cant craft it
You don't craft it. You get it from pigs.