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Published on April 01, 2016 (Updated on April 01, 2016)

Giant Zombies Mod

how do i download the addon with a zip
download button idiot
Can you make a .mcpack download please.
because I do not know how .zip works.
right click - extract files - put the .mcpack and stuff in you stuff in minecraft and then commit sudoku
That's a mod not an addon
omg it looooook,s line a diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig diiiiig zombie
I installed this mod and I have pc ed and its 1.7,10 but I cant use it
You can make this in a addon
ThatGuyFromTheCornerStor August 07, 2017 at 11:22 am
Why a zip file? iOS users can't use them. Why can't you just make a direct download into the game like other mods?
Are these giant creeatures are natural spawning
No, you need to spawn them yourself.
How come when I press download it says it can not download
What device are you using?
How do I spawn the giant?
Use the spawn eggs in the creative inventory.
Plz make mob mod (we can turn intu mod that we killed)
Try this mod:

Not sure if it works for modded mobs.
just use the morph mod
the zombies are invisible in my android device, how can i saw them? Is there any alternative link in this mod sir?
Looks like you didn't install the textures?
yes something like that, only shadows can show
Try Checking the texture pack file