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Published on October 26, 2016 (Updated on May 03, 2017)

GigaMobs Addon

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It Keeps Saying Incompatible How Do You Stop It From Saying It
Nice but from the hostile mob we will be killed in a matter of seconds
This mod is amazing finally my horses are useful for some thing.
I like Minecraft mods
Do a giant sand worm
um can u add the pillager giant pls because i need it big for a battle pls
It's so cool I can ride on a wolf. make more mods like this.
How to tame the skeleton? Nothing shows up even I am holding the bow and even focused directly to the skeleton. Tried hitting it but nothing happened
Witherzilla Is So Great In This But Is The Wither Boss Really Is Witherzilla? Because It Looks Like It Because It’s Big! Please Reply!
Add the Phantom and Drowned
I have not downloaded it I guess the wither is going to be wither storm size?
I tried it and it did work out.
Horses are invisible, I need help
How do you get the Add-On?
Click download, which should take you to adfly, wait 5 sec and press skip ad and then download it from mediafire.