Published on June 07, 2020 (Updated on August 25, 2020)

Giza Pyramids Bedrock Edition

This map contains 3 pyramids named "Giza"

I searched a lot for some cool actual Egypt like pyramids for Minecraft bedrock edition but I couldn't find! So I made it myself :D

It also contains a Perfect desert around. can be used as a custom terrain

This biggest one is about 240 blocks tall and about 300 blocks x 300 blocks bottom surface.

means lateral surface area is AL≈1.7×105

Here are the screen shots of the world:

Second pyramid view from the first pyramid:

3rd pyramid which is the smallest one! (Still bigger than any other Minecraft Bedrock edition pyramid ever existed)

Second pyramid view from the First pyramid! (Look where clouds are to understand how big they are)

Other screenshots:

Desert view:

You can do with this map:

- Play with friends

- Make videos or anything, but give credits. thanks

You can't do with this map:

- Use your own links (Only link is allowed)

- re-post this

Select version for changelog:


- Updated link as the link shrinker that is being used now will fully stop working soon

- Updated thumbnail (fixed missing letter), cleaner to read, corrected size

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hey can you fix your link and make it a direct mediafire download?
Your adlink is garbage and I have yet to successfully get through it despite trying over 30 times. It also has a redirect that tries to con the user into installing some apk from who knows what and that's against the ToS of this site unless I'm mistaken. Please fix it and use something at least slightly reputable if you must use such a redirect.
Sorry for that, but it is not my fault to blame me, You just clicked anything you saw there is no apk to download!
Many other use ad links, it is like you click ads you see (which no one recommends you to) & blame creator for your own mistake, links have been reviewed once so if there is anything breaking rules would not be accepted, I have used my own links 3 times with 3 different devices to check if they work & then I give them to others, Just don't click garbage ads! no one likes them even me, but thats how internet works.