Glass Shield

If you are suffering from reduced vision of your shield, this plugin is your solution. Shield_glass ،The shield will make you transparent and crystalline.

The problem with the build order was fixed.

This is an unofficial plugin. I do not know, I may not be the first to make this plugin. My only goal was to correct my lack of vision while sitting, and the idea of ​​making this idea was instilled in me.

Well ... I did not change the construction design, you can still make it with 6 blocks of wood and 1 iron bar. it's not hard!

Although this shield is made of glass, I have not reduced its capabilities. "It even becomes an inch. »

This shield has an interesting design. And it is completely transparent.

Isn't it interesting?

This version belongs to Badrak Edition and is not efficient in the Java version.

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#&) The problem with the build order was fixed. 

#&) Shield transparency is increased.




  • Glass_shield.mcaddon (88.2 KB)

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Hmm Interesting!
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What Kind Of Shader Are You Using ?
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Hello, Thank you for your feedback. Please edit your comment if you do not see any problems with the plugin structure.
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Explain the problem to me. I'm listening
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