TrophieMoney: Glitched Double Desert Village

The double sand village is literally just 30-40 blocks ahead of where you spawn. It's a great spawn for survival gameplay as the village has several farms from which you can get plenty of food. Parts of the village are glitched which cause some buildings to be cut in half, including the blacksmith, so there's no chest. It's nonetheless a unique village with lots of things to see. Found by: TelepathicGrunt Seed: TrophieMoney

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Is Anyone else to give a coordinates on Dessert Temples???
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nice i like it. its good
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yeah,what's the seed?!?
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Hey guys! Sorry if I'm always bugging you about identification, but this seed was originally found by a user named TelepathicGrunt across the internet.
Just wanted to inform :-)
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Hey Cipher! Well, credits should always be given where it's due. So thank you for letting us know about this. We've now fixed this and added him as credits for finding the seed.
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