Published on September 05, 2022 (Updated on August 26, 2023)

Glowing Effect Addon with Many Colors Ver 4.0

In only java edition, you can use glowing effect which make player visible regardless of blocks. The effect is very useful, but can't use in bedrock edition. So I made Glowing Effect Addon that is a reproduction!

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Fixed a bug related to the update.

Now available for 1.20.



  • Glow_waku.mcaddon (14.15 KB)
  • GlowTeam5.mcaddon (15.18 KB)

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Would it be okay if I used this in an addon I’m working on? I will credit you!
can you add it so you can make it so only 1 person can see everyone with it but they cant see it and add it to mobs to