Published on January 19, 2022 (Updated on May 16, 2022)

Glowing Obsidian Armor and Tools! (v1.1 Big Update)

A great twist to Obsidian armor and tools, this addon involves a new and exciting way to play Minecraft! Glowing Obsidian creates a new use for Redstone, Crying Obsidian, and Obsidian while adding a new battleaxe to destroy crowds of mobs! If you love armor mods, download the Glowing Obsidian addon! 


This addon uses entities in replacement of player.json. The addon and all functions should be compatible with any other active addons.


Make sure to turn on "Holiday Creator Features" AND "Experimental Molang Features!"


Here's an in-depth video about the newly updated content!

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This addon includes:

|---------- How to Craft Glowing Obsidian Shards & Blocks ----------|

How to craft Glowing Obsidian Shards and Blocks:


Glowing Obsidian Shard


 Glowing Obsidian Block

|---------- Glowing Obsidian Armor Stats ----------|

Armor stats:


Glowing Obsidian Helmet: 3 bars of protection, 345 durability

In comparison, Diamond Helmet has: 3 bars of protection, 363 durability


Glowing Obsidian Chestplate: 6 bars of protection, 502 durability

Diamond Chestplate: 8 bars of protection, 528 durability


Glowing Obsidian Leggings: 5 bars of protection, 470 durability

Diamond Leggings: 6 bars of protection, 495 durability


Glowing Obsidian Boots: 3 bars of protection, 408 durability

Diamond Boots: 3 bars of protection, 429 durability



*A full set of armor is required to activate the armor's special ability*

1.  Monsters within 10 blocks of you (green circle) will activate the ability

2. Players within 5 blocks of you (blue circle) will get the strength 1 effect



3. The more mobs in your range, the longer the strength will last (stacks up to 5 monsters)

|---------- Glowing Obsidian Tools & Weapons Stats ----------|

Tools & Weapons stats:


Glowing Obsidian Sword: 7 damage, 1795 durability, 15 speed

Diamond Sword: 7 damage, 1561 durability, 15 speed


Glowing Obsidian Pickaxe: 5 damage, 1795 durability, 9 speed

Diamond Pickaxe: 5 damage, 1561 durability, 8 speed


Glowing Obsidian Axe: 6 damage, 1795 durability, 9 speed

Diamond Axe: 6 damage, 1561 durability, 8 speed


Glowing Obsidian Shovel: 4 damage, 1795 durability, 9 speed

Diamond Shovel: 4 damage, 1561 durability, 8 speed


Glowing Obsidian Hoe: 5 damage, 1795 durability, 9 speed

Diamond Hoe: 5 damage, 1561 durability, 8 speed


|---------- Glowing Obsidian Battleaxes ----------|

Glowing Obsidian Battleaxe Stats:


Glowing Obsidian Battleaxe: 1795 durability, 9 speed (breaks cobweb and bamboo)

Normal hit (Left Click - Battleaxe): 6 damage


Cleave (Right Click - Battleaxe):  14 damage, uses 5 durability, 1.8 second charge, 5 second cooldown

The battleaxe has an attack radius of 4.5 blocks

|---------- 3D models & Recipes ----------|



Glowing Obsidian Helmet

Glowing Obsidian Chestplate

Glowing Obsidian Leggings

Glowing Obsidian Boots

Glowing Obsidian Battleaxe

Glowing Obsidian Sword

Glowing Obsidian Pickaxe

Glowing Obsidian Axe

Glowing Obsidian Shovel

Glowing Obsidian Hoe



In-game Models:


Glowing Obsidian Armor

Glowing Obsidian Tools & Battleaxe



Where to find the items:


Enjoy the addon! 





I made a cinematic video for the origins of Glowing Obsidian! Check it out if you want to!

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I also made an Emerald Equipment addon! If you haven't already checked it out please do so!


If you make a video on this addon, make sure to include a link to THIS MCPEDL PAGE and that only!

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Select version for changelog:



  1. Battleaxe changes:
    • Special attack stats have been added into the name of the item
  2. Mob changes:
    • Zombies, husks, skeletons, and strays can now use the special ability of a battleaxe, like players
    • Zombies, husks, skeletons, and strays can spawn with a battleaxe
  3. Equipment changes:
    • Dropped Glowing Obsidian equipment and tools will no longer disappear from an explosion
    • Durability of tools increased by 53% from 1171 >>> 1795
    • Durability of armor increased by 3%
      • Helmet: from 334 >>> 345
      • Chestplate: from 486 >>> 502
      • Leggings: from 455 >>> 470
      • Boots: from 395 >>> 408
  4. Glowing Obsidian blocks can no longer be pushed by pistons
  5. 3D Glowing Obsidian Battleaxe texture no longer breaks when applying multiple addons
  6. Added version 1.18 in MCPEDL page
  7. Modified MCPEDL page to include spoiler tabs


Turn on both Holiday Creator Features and Molang Features, and make sure you apply both the Behavior and Resource packs!

Installation Guides

These shader never work on mine how come?
There are lots of resources and websites that explain how/why you can't use RTX shaders, but here are some of the requirements for RTX shaders:
1. You need a GeForce graphics card
2. Download the RTX shader that you want
3. Enable the resource pack in your world
4. Turn on "Ray Tracing" in Settings > Video
Siento que los crafteos son muy caros y la durabilidad de los items es muy baja,
I will definitely buff the durability of the tools! 👍
También estaría bien de la armadura ya que gastas mucho más en eso que en las herramientas y no dura ni lo mismo que el diamante
Franco David Becerra Flores March 07, 2022 at 9:11 pm
Primeramente debo decir, muy buenos complementos, de los mejores complementos de Armaduras y Herramientas personalizadas.
Ahora paso a dar ideas de lo que podría mejorar en este complemento que ya en su primera versión me gusto mucho, por no decir que me encantó.
-Lo 1ro sería algo respecto a la obsidiana, puesto que una de las características de la obsidana es ser resistente contra explosiones, a excepción del Wither claro; en base a esto... mi idea sería que disminuya el daño de las explosiones, o por lo menos que su durabilidad no sea muy afectada por las explosiones, nuevamente recalco: a excepción del Wither.
Franco David Becerra Flores March 07, 2022 at 9:22 pm
-Lo 2do que se me ocurrió es respecto a la característica de la obidiana al no poder ser movida por pistones, dando entonces la idea de que esta armadura pueda dar resistencia al derribo tal como la de Netherite.
-Lo 3ro vendría a ser con respecto a su durabilidad, puesto que pienso que tal y como al pico de diamante le cuesta un poco ya de por sí romper la obsidiana, esta debería de tener por lo menos más durabilidad que la de diamante, estando por debajo de la de Netherite.
-Y lo último vendría a ser con respecto a la redstone, bueno... con este no se me ocurrió casi nada... pero pienso que tal vez teniendo la armadura completa seamos capaces de abrir puertas y trampillas de hierro como si de placas de presión tratase, o incluso que al tener la armadura completa nos de algo de velocidad... aunque tratándose de la realidad la obsidiana sería bastante pesada... por lo que creo que esta idea sería descartada fácilmente.
En fin... eso sería todo por el momento, te doy mi apoyo y espero con impaciencia actualizaciones y nuevos complementos tuyos jaja, gracias por hacer mis aventuras mineras más divertidas.
Thank you for your kind words and suggestions! I will definitely make Glowing Obsidian blocks not pushable by pistons, change the durability of some of the equipment, but I'm not sure if it is possible to reduce explosion damage without the use of blast protection! 😁
I found a bug, when you combine glowing osidian addon with another addon like amethyst, copper or emerald,..... the amethyst spear texture will change to glowing osidian battleaxe
Thought I fixed that, thank you for pointing that out! 👍
idea: ruby, i can't find any good addons that add ruby and ruby gear. btw your projects/addons are awesome you absolutely nail the textures!
I might make ruby armor as a side project, but I have plans for my main project and I'm not sure if ruby will fit 😁
why not make it just one download?????
I separated the packs because some people can't download mcaddons. But also I sometimes forget to add it 😅
oh ok great mods by the way. you should consider reaching out to another creator named TrueCowboy for a collab or something I feel like your addons would pair together perfectly
I would love to collaborate with someone else, but for now, I'm more focused on my own projects! 😁
The axe is op. Also great addon
Hello,i wonder if ican use your "Armor and Tools" packs in my map?I love them so much! i will credit you and have a link to all these page,PLZ?
Yes, you can use them in your maps, as long as you credit my channel or MCPEDL page! 👍
thank you^_^
Ignore the 3 stars this mod is a 10/10 it deserves a 5 star
I downloaded all of your addons as they are all very good in concept, I noticed the attention to detail you had with them, it's even noticeable on the download page.
It would be interesting if you could add new types of weapons/equipment for each miner, I say this because unique equipment draws much more attention and the player's desire to find that ore, because it's not just a "retextured sword", however, this addon itself is great.
My plan is to add ores that are as rare as netherite in the Overworld and the End, so stay tuned for that! 👍
I would like to share my opinion.
Of course I will rate 5 stars since its good!
Only 1 little detail that annoys me a bit. The a
Armor and Tools are expensive but are pretty weak compared to the cost. My Idea would be to make the tools a bit stronger, at least equal to diamond, or even netherite (or stronger). Or make them cheaper! Its just an idea and isnt supposed to be a bad Review or put this Add-On in a bad light.I recomend it, because I quickly got bored of regular minecraft armor/Tools. You're doing a great job! Keep it up and my best wishes to big succes!
Yeah, I think the tools need a buff, but a full set of armor can give everyone in a 5 block radius about 3 extra damage when near mobs! So I think the armor shouldn't need a buff.😁
idk why i am invisible .-. its a nice addon and i love the particle effect but why?
That seems to be a side effect of the next equipment (sneak peek?) It shouldn't happen though, so I will try to figure out what is happening!
If you are looking for a fix, try using this command:
/scoreboard players set @s phantom_check 0
sadly this one broke tridents for us, made them make you fly backwards when using riptide.
That's a really interesting bug. I will try to find out why that happens! 👍
It seems like entities riding the player will bug them out when they try to use riptide. Sadly there is no direct fix since it is a Minecraft bug, but I will try to figure out a solution.