Glowing Obsidian Armor, Tools, and Battleaxe Addon! (1.19.0 Update!)

A great twist to Obsidian armor and tools, this addon involves a new and exciting way to play Minecraft! Glowing Obsidian creates a new use for Redstone, Crying Obsidian, and Obsidian while adding a new battleaxe to destroy crowds of mobs! If you love armor mods, download the Glowing Obsidian addon! 

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v1.3 changes:

  1. Glowing Obsidian battleaxe will no longer damage players when PVP is turned off
  2. Gameplay Changes:
    • Crafting Glowing Obsidian shards will now grant 1 >>> 2
    • Glowing Obsidian armor will now give strength 1 >>> 2
    • Glowing Obsidian Helmet Durability >>>
    • Glowing Obsidian Chestplate Durability >>>
    • Glowing Obsidian Leggings Durability >>>
    • Glowing Obsidian Boots Durability >>>
  3. Armor Fixes & Changes:
    • Fixed Glowing Obsidian armor inconsistencies when giving strength
    • Made Glowing Obsidian armor lighting effect less laggy
    • Glowing Obsidian armor can now glow underwater
  4. Tool Fixes:
    • Glowing Obsidian Axes can now strip wood
    • Glowing Obsidian Axes can now break Mangrove Roots
    • Glowing Obsidian Shovels can now make grass path
    • Glowing Obsidian Shovels can now break Mud Roots
    • Glowing Obsidian Hoes can now create farmland
  5. Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed the shrieker bug
    • Fixed player_entity inconsistencies when dying
    • Mobs would no longer prioritize picking up items
    • Armor abilities now work in peaceful mode
    • Hoes and shovels will now play sounds when being used
    • Fixed texture swapping
  6. Slightly modified MCPEDL page


v1.2 changes:

  1. Added v1.19.0 text support
  2. Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed Tools not being able to break certain blocks
    • Fixed the self damaging battleaxe bug
    • Fixed the Trident Riptide bug
    • Fixed the double player_entity bug
    • Fixed the shrieker bug
  3. Added armor sounds when the player wears Glowing Obsidian armor
  4. Added version 1.19 on the MCPEDL page
  5. Slightly modified MCPEDL page


v1.1 changes:

  1. Battleaxe changes:
    • Special attack stats have been added into the name of the item
  2. Mob changes:
    • Zombies, husks, skeletons, and strays can now use the special ability of a battleaxe, like players
    • Zombies, husks, skeletons, and strays can spawn with a battleaxe
  3. Equipment changes:
    • Dropped Glowing Obsidian equipment and tools will no longer disappear from an explosion


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Hi wewee had an addon idea I wanted to tell you, can you add nether star armor and tools?
Many people have suggested this, so I might make it. Not a guarantee though!
As of all armor pieces have the missing texture when worn. The tools are fine. Please fix thanks.
Edit: Why is the obsidian armor mod altering loot tables for copper and amethyst armor set? The fishing loot table? Your files are a mess, I’m deleting till you fix, to many questionable changes that don’t have to do with Obsidian armor.
I’ll see what I can do about the armor texture!

As for the looting tables, I have to add all of my addons’ tables into each of the individual addons so they will be compatible. Since many files override each other, I have to apply the code from all of my addons so they won’t break 👍
dude theres a illegality block also named glowing obsidian lol
Disculpe todo esta correcto con la armadura y herramientas funcionan bien pero su textura al iniciar el juego se pone de un entero de violeta y negro y es feo como soluciono que la armadura y herramientas esten es tu textura original
pls fix the texture bug, it still works perfectly but the only problem is the texture
I am not entirely sure what the texture bug is. Is it possible for you to explain what is happening to the textures?
dude your armor texture broken

Edit: sorry about that but yeah I just found bug because of armor texture was missing
Thought I fixed it, I will try to figure out why 👍
There’s actually glowing obsidian inside of the game. You need mods to get it, but it still works if you disable the mod.
But I discovered the bug:
This bug show health bar and hunger bar was showed up on creative and spectator mode and I have no idea why (only your glowing obsidian)
I am aware of that bug, and a lot of my addons do have that glitch, but it isn't as big of a deal so I won't be fixing it immediately! 👍
First of all, all your addons are very good and each one is checked, and individually they all work excellent, without any errors! Except for the fact that this addon has the famous custom skin bug, and I wanted to know if that bug could be fixed.
Wait really? I have never actually heard of anyone mentioning that their custom skins aren't working! 😅
I will see what's going on!
So I did some testing and I don't really see anything wrong other than the cape not working. Can you elaborate on what is broken about the custom skins? 😅
why don't you use the actual glowing obsidian (from the times of the nether reactor core) to craft the stuff?
I felt that the old glowing obsidian didn't look very good 😁
hey WeeweeJuicehey
i am orange fish from China,can I sole agency your resource and translate it to China Minecraft
Resource platform?it’s not for business or embezzlement and i will give clear indication of with the author!
We hope more players will enjoy the resource in minecraft
a complement that I really like a suggestion that by putting on all the armor it would give you resistance to fire or immunity to explosions since it would give it a vanilla touch
another would be to have it all complete it would give dynamic light they are only suggestions thanks for the constantly updated addons
Thank you for your suggestions! I'm not sure what you mean by "dynamic light" though because a full set of Glowing Obsidian armor already emits light 😅
Hi, it's really nice addon! Can i add it to my modpack? I won't modify your code and i will credit you and leave mcpedl link in description of my modpack
Armor's doesn't work correctly or can somebody explain how it works
Compatible con 1.19???
Versions 1.2 and up should be compatible with 1.19!