GM Daewoo Tosca / Chevrolet Epica Addon

This add-on adds a very nice looking car to your Minecraft world. Download this add-on today to add a brand-new car to Minecraft now!

The addon was made by iMasterProX.

Making of...

1.2 Update : What's new? ( How to use.. )

If you crouch with coal, you can tame it! ( after 1.16 )


• You can spawn a car with creative mode.

• Also, You can riding that when you start. (See video)

• Equip the key(saddle) in the car

• Car Inventory available when you put the chest on.

• Car has a always-on headlight when you start up.

•  Support spawn, ride, trunk, Streeing wheel, Car turn animations.

• Up to 4 people.

• 5 color + Epica Edition + Support for Traffic Left.

• summon : car:tosca_gb, car:tosca_gw, car:tosca_ps, car:tosca_sdg, car:tosca_wp, car:epica, car:epica_tl

• Support for English, Russian, Portuguese and Korean


• Tame the car using ink sac

• Put a chest on the trunk

• Equip the key(saddle) in the car


With Members of Umagong, Map by dbasb12

– This add-on is only officially distributed in MCPE DL, MaMoCker, Umagong, Addons for Minecraft ( iOS, Android App ). Other than that, sharing is unofficial and cannot be guaranteed

Select version for changelog:


9/1 No now! Direct download from mcpe dl now!

5/14/20 Simple version Released ( Tame and Chest put Remove verison )

5/6/20 1.2.5 Spawn sound removed and bug fix.

1.2.4 Bug fix and Video link this post.

1.2.2 Bug fix, 'Speed' Butten removed, Support for 1,15 Beta

1.2.1 Bug fix for Traffic left model.

1.2.0 A more realistic car driving experience.


Please see the mcpe dl's installation guide.

But If you are iOS/iPadOS of iOS 13 or higher, Watch this guide video.



  • Daewoo_Tosca_Addon_1.2.5_1598899987.mcaddon
  • Daewoo_Tosca_Simple_Addon_1.2.5_1598899987.mcaddon

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Norebox Productions July 22, 2021 at 1:48 am
this looks like a really good addon but when i tried installing but when i tried installing it it took me to an add and i was never able to get passed it
This looks, like a very nice and good car mod, but could you make a Mediafire link?
If you don't understand Instructions, try the simple version.

If you’ve applied this add-on, but can’t find a Cars in your inventory, do this : You have to kill Minecraft and turn Minecraft back on and apply the add-on again.
add a music player in the car
do the volkswagen virtus please
Best best vehicle add-on ever made I didn't see a cool add-on like this
It's looks like a realistic cars and pls can you add a smoke in the mufflers
love this car great work i love what you are doing keep it up and il love to see more cars like this one in the future
Mediafire link pls
I’m on Blockbench I make Mercedes Benz w222
Hmmm, BEST CAR ADD-ON on Minecraft i'ver testing. From texture, sound to behavior.
Keep up the great work and waiting for your new Vehicle!
Hmmm, BEST CAR ADD-ON on Minecraft i'ver testing. From texture, sound to behavior. Keep up the great work and waiting for your new Vehicle!
What do you use for the bridges, roads, and lamps in the picture of your addon? I’d like to download that.
Can you make Lexus IS300
I credit you on my video in YouTube you can watch it I do not give the link I don't now how to link the add on thank you