GM Daewoo Tosca / Chevrolet Epica Addon

This add-on adds a very nice looking car to your Minecraft world. Download this add-on today to add a brand-new car to Minecraft!

The addon was made by iMasterProX. ( BehaSupport by BetaSexy )

Making of…

1.2 Update : What’s new? ( How to use.. )

– You can spawn a car with creative mode.
– Also, You can riding that when when you start. (See video)
– Car Inventory available when when you put the chest on.

– Car has a alaways-on headlight when you start up.

–  Support spawn, ride, trunk, Streeing wheel, Car turn animations.

– Up to 4 people.

– 5 color + Epica Edition + Support for Traffic Left.

– summon : car:tosca_gb, car:tosca_gw, car:tosca_ps, car:tosca_sdg, car:tosca_wp, car:epica, car:epica_tl

Support for English, Russian, Portuguese and Korean


With Members of Umagong, Map by dbasb12

– This add-on is only officially distributed in MCPE DL, MaMoCker, Umagong, and MCBE STORE. Other than that, sharing is unofficial and cannot be guaranteed.
– So that you are not exposed to harmful ads, I do not use
– If you want to help with my work, please visit my patreon ( ).

Unless otherwise specified, this add-on is the last update. I will come back with a new car add-on.

Changelog View more

1.2.1 Bug fix for Traffic left model.

1.2.0 A more realistic car driving experience.

1.1.1 Sounds bug fix.

1.1.0 Add new colors, sounds, features, animations and more?

1.0.0 First Release.

1.2.0 A more realistic car driving experience

1.1.1 Sounds bug fix.

1.1.0 Add new colors, sounds, features, animations and more?

1.0.0 First Release.

1..1..1 Sounds bug fix.

1.1.0 Add new colors, sounds, features, animations and more?

1.0.0 First Release.

1.1.0 Add new 5 colors, sounds, features, animations and more?


iOS/Android/Windows 10 :

- iOS

- Android

- Windows 10 ( Recommended )



Supported Minecraft versions


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98 Responses

4.09 / 5 (54 votes)
  1. Guest-9111087622 says:

    I credit you on my video in YouTube you can watch it I do not give the link I don’t now how to link the add on thank you

  2. Guest-5121749947 says:

    btw, you should make a 2020 ssangyong korando next

  3. ProGamer672 says:

    Very Nice!!! 🙂

  4. DTechGamer says:


    • Tame the car using ink sac

    • Put a chest on the trunk

    • Equip the key(saddle) in the car

  5. DTechGamer says:

    iMasterProX, can you give me the link to the map? Because it looks very awesome.

  6. Guest-4554535047 says:

    U gotta fly in order to place the chest and open inventory.

  7. Guest-6636939748 says:

    Same I watched the video and it didn’t work creator pls help

  8. Guest-2732219590 says:

    and why the car bag is open can i close it?

  9. Guest-5256280248 says:

    hi im trying to drive the car and i cant i have a saddle help please and thanks

  10. Guest-5896253902 says:

    Looks nice but. i dont like the key thing because what if we use it on a realm. it will take up a item place.

  11. Guest-5252205109 says:

    I Play on the phone Android the car are realy good working

  12. Guest-3964448745 says:

    Can you please fix it when i download it says import failed fix it and thanks

  13. BRIYAN_ says:

    I praise you for making such quality addon 🙂

  14. DTechGamer says:


    • Survival friendly

    • Compatible on Minecraft beta

    • You need to craft the car parts like engine and others using redstone or iron.

    • New entity, Car Creator. (Custom animations and sounds)

    • Press the Create or Trade button on the Car Creator.

    • Make sure you have all the car parts.

    • Select the car you wanted then, press the car spawn egg.

    • To get it back, You need to crouch then, hit it. (Have spinning, and shrinking animation)

    I got the Car Creator idea from Expansive Fantasy add-on, called Dracolyte Forge.

  15. SkoshieGamer says:

    Please fix I cant download the file it says an error occured

  16. Guest-9524313843 says:

    Great car model! i like the detail has nice lighting. hopefully you make hyper cars in this pack in the upcoming updates.

  17. Guest-7097444157 says:

    plz make a 2020 BMW 3 series

  18. Guest-4677445310 says:

    I can take your plugin
    Add other creatures, such as drivers, to trade items
    Can’t get summoned to survive?

  19. Guest-1465007984 says:

    Make a Subaru Impreza 1998 pls

  20. Burger says:

    Da textures do

  21. senzawa says:

    Honestly i have 3 words. Oh My God. This has to be one of the most detailed minecraft vehicles, I would say this can compete with most java edition mods. With this level of detail comes a performance problem. Most PC would handle this but older generation androids and IOs devices it might not work.
    Anyways this is a really good addon.

  22. Guest-8273202331 says:

    how do you spawn it?

  23. Can you tell me how you did the headlights on?

  24. DTechGamer says:

    Can you add steering wheel animation? I really love this add-on. The very detailed model and how you type in the description like you actually advertised a real car to us. Good job! 💯/💯 😄👍👏⭐

  25. Guest-6327958888 says:

    Hey Creator,when I deleted the first version pack and installed the new version of this addon,it shows the old texture of the Tosca and don’t have any animations and colored cars. Pls fix this issue plss.

    • iMasterProX says:

      Hello. Can you do something like this: old version delete from games / com.mojang / minecraftWorld / resource_pack and from games / com.mojang / minecraftWorld / behavior_pack

      • iMasterProX says:

        Ah, exactly, games / com.mojang / minecraftWorld / ‘YourWorldName’ / resource_pack and behavior_pack. If this doesn’t work, please use it if the 1.1.1 update that fixes some other bugs is uploaded from mcpe dl.

  26. Sufs gaming says:

    uhh I loved the first release and now its updated and I’m loving it even more

  27. Guest-9772572681 says:

    very good

  28. Guest-7309450211 says:

    Hey, you need to add 3-4 seats for players, otherwise only one player can get into the car!

  29. Guest-4149927484 says:

    Is there a way to get the car in survival or no? btw 5 stars because of the model im impressed and the functionality.

  30. Guest-1676904441 says:

    i can’t drive it help pls!!!

  31. Guest-9598777091 says:

    i can’t drive it help pls

  32. Guest-6090636238 says:

    A pro model maker. It’s been years finding people who can build cars like McLaren F1 and Ferrari 250 GTO. But none of them minded my request. Maybe I should quit looking for someone who can make it. BTW I’ll rate 5 stars but this time, I won’t expect anything🙂

  33. Guest-6852375057 says:

    Can you make a realistic Bugatti Chiron?

    And also a Ford Mustang?

    Btw, your add-on is great and realistic!

  34. zHulvic says:

    Can you do a BMW i8 next after youŕe done with this car?

  35. Guest-9864970385 says:

    i can’t drive it :/

  36. iMasterProX says:

    Next Update : Maybe 3.4~3.8

    also I will upload New Car addon.

  37. Guest-8059954204 says:

    This must be the greatest car addon I’ve ever seen in Minecraft bedrock. I like how he took the time, effort, and skill to do this car. It looks like it’s from a mobile racing game. Love it keep doing more I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  38. Tiny Dragon says:

    Can you make a pickup truck too I love those great addon by the way

  39. Guest-4906962777 says:

    Make A Miata

  40. Guest-8431711659 says:

    – 뉴비

  41. Guest-3164378565 says:

    It is the best car addon, that I have ever seen!!! 😉

  42. Guest-3357785847 says:

    do you have anyway to contact the creator? my instagram is readylizard and discord readylizard37#0715

  43. Guest-6399351199 says:

    make other cars like this

  44. Guest-2970981136 says:

    make other cars like this ok

  45. Sufs gaming says:

    Bruh this thing is crazy,I’m definitely downloading

  46. Anonymous says:

    you guys are ridiculous

  47. Guest-2305771830 says:

    ok boomber

  48. Guest-4161090784 says:

    booo this is bad support

  49. Guest-7499029566 says:

    hello??? plz answers

  50. Guest-9633836375 says:

    can you at least reply me?

  51. Guest-7020494778 says:


  52. Guest-6972728910 says:

    this crashed my minecraft

  53. Guest-7433145288 says:

    help me please creator

  54. Guest-1588606958 says:

    plz help me

  55. m.m.16 says:

    how did you add behaviors to it?

    this is the best car addon for first time 😂😂

  56. Guest-2430269290 says:

    А го может не URUS а BUGGATI?))) Знаю, знаю, это будет тяжёлая работа, но я не настаиваю и не требую) Но буду ждать от вас оочень крутой автомобиль! КСТАТИ ВЫ МОЖЕТЕ МАШИНЕ ЕЩЁ ДОБАВИТЬ СВЕЧЕНИЕ ФАР! ЭТО БУДЕТ ПРЯМ ГЕНИАЛЬНО!

  57. Guest-8140039789 says:

    А го Porsche URUS

  58. Guest-4624769897 says:

    Idea : Mazda RX-7 next

  59. Guest-2256955903 says:

    This is really amazing, I think you should add engine sounds instead of the footsteps when driving it.

  60. Sorry this is off topic, but I’m just focused on the sun right now. How is it at that angle?

  61. IKT says:

    This add-on is so beautiful!

  62. iMasterProX says:

    Thx everyone, and I find how to use Tosca Door, Streering Wheel,Backmirror, Trunk Animation file to addon ( I dont know that 😭 )

  63. Anonymous says:

    Without a doubt, this is the most detailed car addon ever for Minecraft. Even better than Alcara’s Car Mod. ✔

  64. Guest-4434868175 says:

    This is legitimately the best vehicle mod on MCPEDL, please keep going I can’t wait for more of your work!

  65. Guest-6032177086 says:

    I’ve never seen a model Like This for bedrock. Keep up the Good work👍🏻

  66. Guest-8192874303 says:


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